Photograph the details of your life

Technology has made it easier to take pictures. Cameras have gotten more compact. Snapping a postcard perfect picture at the edge of the Grand Canyon will later jog your memory of that moment but so could a google image search keywords “grand canyon.”
I say that not to discourage the classical snap shots of iconic places–I’ve taken plenty over the years–but to encourage you to be creative and capture the details of your life.

Here are some examples:
All three of the pictures below are from heavily visited areas which draw multitudes of people each year.

These next two were misadventures…taken at destination places.

All five images illustrate what caught my attention at those moments. Yet don’t really give clues about the location.

A fellow beach goer was eager to point out the lizard in the cliff at Tulum Ruins. Another hiker ahead of me at Canyonlands National Park drew the smiley face in the mud. Someone–or possibly two people–wrote on the butt of that parks statue in Paris. The healing wound is my horses skin two months after being attacked by a bear in Alaska. And the shredded tire brings back the smell of burnt rubber in Moab.

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