Movie 2009: “On The Road”

I’m surprised they haven’t yet done a movie based on this book, one of the greatest American novels of all time. Although it seems like talks for the movie have been on for years, only now do they finally have a screenplay by writer Russel Banks, and pre-production has begun. It is to be produced by Francis Ford Coppola and directed by Walter Salles, who also directed The Motorcycle Diaries.

The cast hasn’t been announced yet, but I do wonder, who will they cast as Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady)? I can’t think of any American actors in their early-mid twenties who might fit the parts. Emile Hirsch from Into The Wild and Michael Cera from Juno perhaps? Aged 20, Michael Cera is probably too young. Johnny Depp would be able to do Kerouac, but he is way too famous and much older. Matthew McConaughey? Leonardo Di Caprio?

Man, it’s going to be tough getting the casting for these roles right. What do you think? Who should play Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty?

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  1. Justine McCloskey Says:

    I would LOVE to audition for a role in this, minor or even crew would be good, just to be a part of it.
    Love Kerouac, and this novel was fab, the movie will be wonderful!
    let me know, if anyone else know about any castings going on.

  2. Johnson plans Says:

    what about other cast though? For all the women in Neal Cassady’s life that are talked about i think Anne Hathaway would do well as Carolyn (not sure what her alias name is in the edited version, I’ve only read the original). For Neal Cassady’s character I think Joaquin Pheonix would fit it better.

  3. Kyle m Says:

    Scott Kahn as Dean, if it’s not it should be.

  4. Robert Says:

    A young Sean Penn would have been PERFECT as Sal Paradise. But as it is… if Ed Norton were a bit younger… maybe. As for Dean? WHo knows, no actor under 30 has impressed me in years. Not even Leo D.

  5. john Says:

    Heath ledger would of been perfect as Dean…such a shame

  6. cigiboo Says:

    Ryan Gosling as Sal Paradise

  7. mark alan parker Says:

    Sal & Dean should probably be portrayed by mostly unknown actors – this shouldn’t be a project created just to attract big-name Hollywood stars – that seems counter to what Kerouac would have wanted. Do it right, do it well, and plenty of people will want to see it.

  8. bryce Says:

    I can see jim sturgess as sal.

  9. Aphrodia Says:

    Sam Riley as Dean.

  10. happymisfortune Says:

    How could you all just be throwing out names like Ryan Reynolds and Michael Cera? Have you read the book? Do you know really anything about Jack or Neal? This movie should be all about the book, not celebrity roles and blockbuster ticket sales, go find Michael Bay if you want to blow something up. Sure Depp is a great actor but that doesn’t mean he would be great for any movie. You most certainly have to go with unknowns for most of the film. Perhaps you could get away with an older established actor to play Burroughs (Old Bull Lee). As much as I would love to be involved in this film, I think I would rather the book stay a book.

  11. Swabi Says:

    LoL, I agree with u..