Keeping up with Asia’s big cities

Hong Kongs Symphony of Lights. Photo: China Daily BBS

Hong Kong's "Symphony of Lights." Photo: China Daily BBS

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Asia’s metropolises never slow down. A new Web site sets out to cover these hip urban machines: CNNGo.

It currently covers six cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo. CNNGo says they might expand to cover more cities in the future.

What’s better is that they welcome stories and photos from contributors. Check out the info here: Write for CNNGo. Worth checking out if you want more exposure for your photos and travel writing.

Asia expats will probably have some quibbles over which cities got chosen to be covered. Personally, I’m a bit peeved that Kuala Lumpur isn’t on the list.  It’s one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the region. Seoul also seems to riding the “Korean Wave” of popularity and is noticeably absent from the Web site.

Got any favorite Asian cities you wish were covered? What Web sites do you use to stay abreast of what’s on?

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  1. Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Japan Travel Info — Visit Japan Year 2010 provides great information about the country. They held an essay contest in 2009 and gave away some major prizes. Their newsletter is jammed packed with travel information about the cities and festivals that happen throughout the year. If you’re into Anime, you may want to check the BIG festival that is happening this year.

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  2. LP Says:

    Seoul, for sure. And not even Beijing? Seriously?

  3. Kaweinga Says:

    Travelfish is a great website for everything related to Asia travel