How to find clients for your vagabonding business

A key question that you might face if you’re setting up a business which allows you to travel the world permanently, is how and where to get clients.

As with any business, the key to attracting new customers and clients is to build up relationships with prospects in your target market. The added challenge when you’re vagabonding at the same time is that you may never meet or even speak to these prospects.

This obviously means you have to find another way to build relationships with people in your target market – which is likely to be online.

The tools you need to do this may vary depending upon the type of business you run but these are the key tools we use to attract clients to our business – a branding and online marketing consultancy:

Blogs – we have 4 blogs each of which we use for different purposes.

LinkedIn – good for developing your professional network and building an expert profile in your specialist areas.

Industry forums – if you have specific target markets for your services or products, taking an active part in online networking forums where your prospects hang out can help build a profile and get your name ‘out there’ amongst the people you can help.

Twitter – another tool that can be used to connect with people, build up relationships and build your profile amongst a community.

One word of warning though; don’t join any of these services and communities and just ‘sell, sell, sell’, doing nothing but promoting your services or products. That’s a surefire way to turn people off and away from you and your business.

Remember that it’s all about building up relationships, developing your reputation and giving people a way to get to know, like and trust you…online.

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