How to be a traveler in the everyday

Flying in anti-gravity yoga in Long Beach, NYFrom the very first time I ever went on a trip, I never wanted to leave. Friends used to tell me they thought I feared reality and wanted to live in a permanent state of holiday. ‘What’s so wrong with that’, I’d reply. It has only gotten worse with age, I’m afraid. I used to think it was because I didn’t have to handle any chores at that time. Since then I’ve gotten sick while traveling, have had to pay bills while on the road and deal with other disheartening realities, but, even to this day, I never want it to end. How do I transfer those travel feelings to the everyday?

Free. Unencumbered. Happy. At Ease. These are just a few of the terms that travelers often use to describe how they feel when in their happy place. On the road we can be ourselves, be the person we always want to be and not feel as if we have to fit into any specific boxes or deal with any expectations. We can change direction with the wind, be spontaneous or try new things that we’d rarely do in our ‘normal’ setting. Go to the beach on a weekday, hike that mountain you were once afraid of or eat ice cream twice a day-all of these special things take place when we leave the nest. Things are only part of it, but more significant are the changes within that we discover. A different perspective arises, new hobbies take shape, varied taste buds develop and a whole new world opens up that perhaps we never knew-how do we harness those feelings and bring them back ‘to reality’?

  • Be a tourist in your own city: You know those places you only go to when out-of-towners come to visit? Go see them! Remember the shows that are ‘too expensive’ or the place that’s on ‘the other side of the city’-check them out! Find at least one day a month that you can go on an adventure and see where you live with new and open eyes.
  • Find joy in the everyday: Do you live by a beautiful boardwalk that sits besides an ocean? Do you have the best view of the city skyline? Can you see endless green vistas in the distance from where you live? Perspective is a wonderful gift and those who learn to embrace it are often some of the happiest. Run your toes through the sand, read a good book in a favourite spot or just people watch at a nearby café-no matter what you do; find a smile and remember that there’s somebody out there who would love to be in your situation.
  • Venture out and try something new: When I travel, I walk as often as I can but when I come home I find myself jumping in the car because ‘it’s easier’. If I can walk when I travel, why can’t I walk when I’m home? Public transport is not your thing at home-give it a shot. Going to the gym every day getting to you-take a few hours and walk your town to take in the sights we often miss in our harried routines. Never thought you’d be a ‘go on a hike and have a picnic’ kind of person-give it a try and see what happens. Remember the fearlessness that accompanies your travel adventures and channel it to your everyday.
  • Head to restaurant that reminds you of your travels or find a new place to explore: When you describe that first bite of falafel in Israel your face lights up, eyes dance and mouth waters. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find it without the airfare price on Elal? How amazing would it be if you could enjoy a mouthwatering fried chickpea extravaganza with delicious yoghurt sauce a few minutes from home at any time you wished? Planning a trip to Vietnam and want to try Pho before you land? How about finding a Vietnamese restaurant to ease in your taste buds? How many of us photograph our meals or walk past a smell that stops us in our tracks and transports us back to a city, stall or market and magically turns the corners of our mouths upwards? Search for that restaurant or even cook it yourself to arouse your taste buds in a new way-your tummies and travel hearts will thank you!
  • Get outside of your comfort zone: You know that rock climbing Groupon you keep seeing-buy it! When that anti-gravity yoga class comes to town-try it! When your city offers an outdoor movie for free-go to it! A new bicycle shop just opened offering bike tours on the weekends-ride it! The flying trapeze that you always wanted to try to feel like you joined the circus is available on Living Social-it’s your time to fly! Routine happens when we least expect it and travel is one of the few things that forcibly removes us. To add travel to your every day, get outside that comfort zone and find your travel happy!

There’s not always time or money to go on that much desired adventure. If we can find a way to bring the happiness found in travel to the daily routines of life-the everyday can sometimes feel like a holiday! Happy travels.

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