How do you find local spots to eat?

I spend a lot of time deciding where to eat when I travel. I like to find spots where the average local eats, that are not filled with tourists, and that are cheap. I never follow guidebooks; if it’s in a guidebook, I rather not go there. I think I have a good eye for finding local places to eat, even though it may take a while and I may annoy the people I travel with, the end result is worth it at least 80% of the time. If I know people in the place I’m visiting, their recommendations are first options, but otherwise, these are the things I look out for to help decide if I should eat at a place:

  • The place is outside the heart of the tourist center, preferably in a small lane or hidden behind somewhere.
  • The place small with minimum propaganda inviting people to come in.
  • The place is busy with majority of the crowd seeming to be locals. (Never walk into an empty restaurant!)
  • The waiters are local and don’t speak much English (for non-English speaking places, of course), nor do they have multi-language menus.
  • The prices are relatively low, the less gourmet, the better.

How do you decide where to eat when you travel?

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