“Go on a blind date with the world!”

That’s the tagline of The World’s Greatest Travelers Global Scavenger Hunt. It’s a blind date because you will not know in advance the countries you will be visiting, you will be told as you board the plane!

So, if you ever really wanted to go on a properly planned, round-the-world scavenger hunt, here’s your chance. For the 5th year running, participants (in teams of two) will travel across 10 countries and 4 continents solving riddles, following cryptic clues, answering travel trivia questions, and looking for physical hints to discover unique items. It’s all on a points based system, and if you win, you get to go on the next one for free!

The hunt will be over a 23-day period from April 17th to May 9th, 2009. If you don’t have a partner, you can still apply and they will find you a second half. Unfortunately there is a steep price tag of US$9,900 on this escapade, but it includes luxury stays in hotels everywhere you go, and a part of the money goes to Great Escape Foundation Charity.

Application deadline is January 17, and you can apply through this page. FAQs of the competition can be found here.

With recession looming over everyone’s head, I’m not sure how many people will apply, but they have room for 25 teams of two, and you don’t have to be a US resident. However, you’d have to organise visas on your own, should you need them. To get more of an idea, here’s a compiled video release of the event.

So if you have the cash, or can raise it in 13 days, and are free between April and May this year, it could be an adventure worth throwing yourself into!

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