Getting Vagabonding or Marco Polo as stocking-stuffers


It’s once again winter holiday season, which means it’s time to remind everyone that my books make great stocking stuffers for travel lovers.

Vagabonding makes a great holiday gift for:

  • College or high school students nearing graduation.
  • Working professionals who don’t like their jobs, are currently between jobs, or are considering a sabbatical from work.
  • Friends and family members who don’t quite “get” the gift-giver’s urge to travel.
  • Anyone who dreams of (or has talked about) long-term travel, but thinks they’re too poor, busy, disorganized, afraid, uninformed, or old/young to actually do it.


And of course my second book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, is not just an entertaining and engrossing read for the armchair traveler; its “commentary track” makes it an offbeat travel-writing textbook for students and fans of the genre.

Both books are available from online retailers. If you’d like a signed copy of Vagabonding or Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, send me an email at books [at] rolfpotts [dot] com.

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