Get a mini-motel and never worry about accomodation

I was in Ibiza last weekend; we partied until 3am (yup, I’m getting old! 🙂 and headed to the airport for an 8am flight. With 5 hours to kill, we tried to get some sleep on the airport benches. It was horrible. We hardly got any sleep and my back and neck are still in pain. I wish I’d known about the Mini-Motel!.

It’s basically a one person covered sleeping bag/tent, that is ideal for stranded occasions like this. It folds flat into the size of an average laptop, looks comfortable, is straight forward to set-up, weighs under 5 pounds and is priced at $49.95.

Perhaps a little pricey, but, my friends, each mini-motel comes equipped with: an air mattress, a pillow, a bed sheet, an alarm clock, a reading light, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear plugs and eye shades! HOW COOL! Can’t beat that, eh?

For more details and ordering information, check out their website here.

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One Response to “Get a mini-motel and never worry about accomodation”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    Would you really use a mini-motel?

    I don’t care if it comes with a flat-screen TV and still only weights 5 pounds, there’s no way I would be pitching a mini-motel in the airport.

    Who wants to lug around 5lbs for a days or weeks to gain an extra few hours of sleep looking a bit strange in the airport?

    It’s an airport; you’re supposed to suffer!