Fasting in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia draws travelers for many reasons; for the experience of a foreign culture quite unlike one’s own, for the lush scenery, or the life experience. However, like most other areas of the world, there is an undeniable amount of party culture associated with this region that draws a certain traveler. I’ve seen photos and read the same number of accounts of Thailand’s breathtaking scenery as of its epic parties. Living in Asia, I’ve met a sizable number of travelers who desire to go to the region to do little more than party and live up the nightlife.

However, skipping all the boozing, Southeast Asia is actually a very good and inexpensive place to spend a healthful week detoxing the body. For a few hundred dollars you can choose between full water fasting, juice fasting, or raw diet fasting, coupled with yoga, hiking, and sauna treatments. This whole artillery of wellness would come at a staggering price in North America and parts of Europe.

Doing a simple Google search for detox centers in places like Thailand or Bali yields 100s of results. You can easily book online for a few days or a few weeks of wellness and enjoy a good meditative cleanse to the backdrop of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Doing even a brief fast can really invigorate the body and give you extra energy to hit the road again in full force.

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