European hostels go upscale

Good news for any vagabonders heading to Europe: the hostels are getting even better. In this New York Times report, a ex-backpacker revisits the hostel scene with his teenage daughters in tow.

It’s great the writer can put his perspective on the development of hostels, as he can draw on memories of how they used to be much more, ahem, basic. No longer. As backpackers become mature and command better incomes, hostels have come to accommodate travelers from the iPod-toting generation.

Do you have any great hostels you’d like to recommend? They could be in Europe or anywhere else. Just write them in the comments, and provide web links if you can.

My contribution is Yes Inn

NY Times photo

NY Times photo

, which is where I always stay when I visit Hong Kong.

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7 Responses to “European hostels go upscale”

  1. Katie, Tripbase Says:

    The new trend of budget “Pod Hotels” are basically nice, modern hostels. They’re springing up everywhere – check out, Kuala Lumpur and CitizenM, Amsterdam. More info here:

  2. deanna Says:

    Great christian hostels in Amsterdam. There’s one right in the city center, and one a few blocks away in the Jordan area.

  3. deanna Says:

  4. Yael Says:

    Two friends and I were actually the first people to stay at this hostel in Cairo. Really beautiful and wonderful staff:

  5. Seonaid Says:

    The ‘Heart of Gold’ hostel in Berlin is amazing. It’s very clean and stylish with a great bar, very good value too.