Embracing the online travel community



Out there in the world of the Internet, there’s a community of people. Whatever your focus in life, you can find a twitter chat, blog post, Facebook page or Instagram feed to showcase your interests and connect with others who have a similar concentration. Today’s online world has pros and cons just like everything else. Often it takes sorting through drivel to find truth-but isn’t that true in anything we do? There’s that feeling of connection just waiting and although we might be sitting in our own homes instead of sharing meals in a hostel breakfast nook, making those travel connections can still take shape. When traveling we try to be safe, keep valuables close and protect ourselves-remember the same goes for the world of travel on the web. Find a new friend about to embark on that same tour, grab advice for the perfect time to stop at a natural wonder or connect with those who share dreams that your ‘home friends’ just can’t quite grasp-it’s all available in the online travel community.

I love meeting people who have a travel mindset. Many are those who work whatever job necessary to save to travel or keep the same old couch just a little longer to book that ticket. There are those with that same desire to embrace new cultures and step into a world different from their own. Trying to find adventure around every corner whether leaving home or not; for many of us, travel is the center point from which all other decisions are made. Returning from a journey is always difficult as the adventurer within is constantly nudging the subconscious and what once felt familiar now possibly foreign; so the online travel community of like-minded individuals staring at similarly faced screens has been a welcome delight. Finding and connecting with others on similar paths (that are very possibly different from the norm) is just another of travel’s gifts. There are those who dream of journeys not yet taken, those in the saving and planning stages of an expedition, those in the middle of their bucket list and ones who are happy to reminisce. They may be faces hidden behind an ‘at’ sign or a ‘hash tag’, but they are available to talk, share, hint, tip and be there with their keyboard to share dreams in the moment’s travel urge.


Pros of the online travel community

  • Someone is always available to listen, chat or comment
  • There’s an abundance of advice, research and suggestions available
  • It may take some time to find your niche, but once you do it’s a great resource
  • Pricing strategies, award travel, alternative travel, & accommodation offers are all here
  • Travel experts are at your virtual fingertips
  • Even when the library is closed, the web is open
  • Learning, learning and more learning
  • Never having to feel as if you’re in this on your own


Cons of the online travel community

  • Someone is always available to comment – sometimes in a negative light
  • The amount of data can be overwhelming
  • Some people share opinions as if they are facts – sorting through them takes time
  • What does it truly mean to be an expert?
  • Just because there’s a blog out there, doesn’t mean it’s right for you
  • Sometimes books and real people are be a better way to go
  • The internet makes for brash opinions that may otherwise not be said aloud
  • Not all travelers are alike (thankfully), it will take time to figure out where you belong


There’s a variety of social media, blogs, and websites within the online travel community. There are tourism boards, travel bloggers, twitter chats, visitor centers, Facebook pages and Instagram feeds and so much more to find, read, like, follow and connect. For those who want the details without the huge conversation or connection, it’s there. For those who are looking to join the community, it’s available at any and all hours. As is true with any voyage there are a few things to remember: trust your judgment, don’t share everything at the start, protect yourself, embrace the culture and you’ll find a community out there just waiting for you to join.

How do you feel about the online travel community?

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