Does the journey ever truly end?

The never-ending road

The never-ending road (Namibia)

Boarding that last flight of a particular journey is often bittersweet. The excitement and amazement that comes with the planning, preparation and execution of travel may be ending but the thousands of moments experienced, memories created, lessons learned and new perspectives gained remain. More often than not, it is in the aftermath of a journey that we, as travelers, are more greatly affected than we could have ever imagined.

It’s not just the destinations, the passport stamps, or the places ticked off a list. Mindsets, perspective, choices, how we view the world and where we see ourselves in our future-all of these things are altered. Upon our return, each day is still met with the zest for adventure. A new perspective arises in so many aspects of our lives that will never be the same as in our pre-travel self.

For some of us, it’s planning the next adventure before this one ends. For others it’s the start of life anew returning to the same place, in the same body but as someone who’s been touched by life around the globe. For others it’s taking stock of what we’ve found truly matters and shifting direction in location, profession, beliefs or life’s choices. No matter what, that journey started by one single step (or leap), continues. It could be as simple as the smile at a memory of a local market while shopping at your nearest super store or that spark of magic triggered by a specific scent or symbolic song.

The memories, photos, people, relationships, journeys and the lessons live on in the every day as life’s adventures both small and large. Sometimes we need a little help, something to hold onto to remind us that we have the ability to keep the adventure alive. It may be the magnet from that far off land now hoisted upon your refrigerator. It may be that spectacular shot now living as your screensaver at the office. It may be that spice you trekked through customs that recreates a dish from a your favourite haunt. It may be that article of clothing purchased from a community that gave you so much more than your few coins could ever repay. Or perhaps it’s nothing tangible at all, but it’s the new perspective garnered through travel, purpose, and experience that affects your daily life. Whether an item or an idea we can be sure to continue that journey.

Wherever you are in your travels…here’s to the never-ending road.

How do you continue your journey?


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