Crop Over festival in Barbados

IMGP4321.JPGCelebrate summer with a harvest festival. That’s right. In Barbados, the exhausting sugar cane harvest ends in June, and Crop Over is an over-the-top summer carnival to mark the relief at the delivery of the last crop.

Started in the 1780s, when Barbados was one of the world’s most important sugar producers, Crop Over celebrated the end of backbreaking work on sugar estates across the island. But when sugar production waned in the 1940s, the festival was discontinued. In 1974, Crop Over was revived and continues as a long summer party beginning in late June or early July with the ceremonial delivery of the last canes of the season and the crowning of the king and queen of the festival—the most productive cane cutters.

Throughout the rest of the carnival, leading up to the final weekend in early August, there are parades, jump-ups, calypso concerts and contests, and a whole lot of celebration. Conserve your energy for the Cohobblepot (a huge calypso show) and the Grand Kadooment—an incredible party parade with colorful costumes.

Crop Over 2010 festivities begin before the opening gala on July 3, and end with the Grand Kadooment on August 2. If you’re considering joining the party, check the detailed Crop Over schedule.

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  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know about it and I’m heading to Barbados next week