Commuting in foreign countries

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Getting home can be one of the most fun and stressful parts of living abroad, as this article in the Economist vividly demonstrates.

In it, the correspondent discusses the main modes of transport in four cities: London, Delhi, Tokyo and Homer, Alaska. The writing really captures the feel of those four unique cities. It goes to show that simply getting home can be an adventure, when you’re abroad.

In my trip in Burma, I often “commuted” to and from the temples of Bagan via horsecart.  Renting a horsecart and driver for the day cost 10,000 kyat (US$10).  Certainly one of the most memorable ways of commuting I’ve ever done.

Have any fun or weird stories of how you got home while abroad?

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  1. Says:

    Commuting abroad is an adventure. When I was in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2007, I took the Number 100 Airport bus from Edinburgh Airport to Waverly Bridge. I asked the bus driver to directions to Cowgate St. & then I asked police officers for help. I find my hostel without a problem. I love cities because they are walkable or you can take public transportation…Double decker buses are fun.

  2. marina villatoro Says:

    Commuting is stressful everywhere. and if you’ve got the time to enjoy the people, its fantastic. but now that i have a kid in the picture. commuting is truly a hassle. costa rica, for being a small country as it is, has way tooooooo much traffic. the country is still a big village, with population growths much faster than they can handle. there roads can never be widened or expanded, they built them for a village and now you can easily sit for 2 hours for a 5 km drive!!! not at all fun with a child:)
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