Comedian David Sedaris on traveling, tourists in paris and more

I just returned from a month long trip around California and I’ll admit that, for now anyway, I’m grad to be home and the last thing I want to think about is traveling.

But even if you’re not in the travel mood, travel guru Rick Steves and comedian David Sedaris joining forces to talk about travel is not an opportunity to be missed. The show originally aired last fall, but Steves recently replayed it on his radio broadcast and you can listen online (you’ll need Windows Media) in case you missed it.

Sedaris isn’t necessarily hilarious for most of this interview, but he does have a few funny moments talking about Japan, tourists in Paris (Sedaris’ adopted hometown), staying in hotels, and, as the teaser puts it, “a dirty little secret about some flight attendants.”

Hat tip to Eva Holland at World Hum.

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2 Responses to “Comedian David Sedaris on traveling, tourists in paris and more”

  1. heynowdotcom Says:

    David Sedaris has never been funny in his entire life. He’s not even a writer. He’s an NPR radio personality. Have you ever tried to read Naked? It’s the worst book I’ve ever read. Who cares what some rich radio broadcaster thinks about hotels? Isn’t this a site for backpackers?

    Oh yeah, Sedaris is such a chump that after he got rich his attempt to live in France failed, because he couldn’t learn French. He was rich and had nothing else to do but study french while living in France but he couldn’t hack it, so he moved to London. Hoser.

  2. Charlie Says:

    well, heynowdotcom, you sure seem like you’re in a bad mood. Why don’t you read something you enjoy. And if “naked” is the worst book you ever read, you don’t get around much.