Boondocking (camping in the boonies)

If you’re like me, you like to just throw down a tent wherever the fancy strikes you, and camp your butt off.  Sometimes you don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to a campground, sometimes you don’t want to deal with the COST of going to a campground (I almost choked when I saw one campground near Santa Barbara, CA listed as having spots for *$70* each…in a campground??)…and sometimes you just want to get away from it all.

Now, thanks to Boondocking, you don’t have to search and search for a place to do it.  Grab a GPS and go!  Also check out for more lists of campsites that you might not need a GPS to get to.

Posted by | Comments (2)  | July 14, 2009
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2 Responses to “Boondocking (camping in the boonies)”

  1. Paul Frolov Says:

    You are absolutely right. Who needs those campgrounds.Just throw down your tent wherever you want. Did the same in Santa Barbara, CA once. BTW , the have really clean jails. And its free.

  2. Ted Beatie Says:

    That picture looks suspiciously like the playa.