Are my dreams of a life of travel realistic?

All long-term travelers have to start somewhere, and dreaming of a life of travel is certainly a reasonable beginning. But what if your dreams don’t match what you’ll find when you actually get out on the road? That’s where experienced travelers come in.

BootsnAll member Kadiri is 18 years old and lives in Australia. He just graduated from high school, but doesn’t fancy going on to college or settling into a career or family yet. In fact, the idea of “settling” for anything other than traveling for the rest of his life is completely unappealing.

Kadiri’s got some ideas about traveling through Australia first, picking fruit and doing other seasonal work to supplement the meager funds he’s saved, and then moving on to SE Asia – but he’s not sure if his plans are really realistic.

I will try and get by on the cheapest possible option, I’m keen to hitchhike, sleep in train stations etc. So hopefully from the funds I received in AUS I will be able to travel for a very long time, I will also consider working overseas where available. I will be doing this alone, and the only thing I’m really worried about is missing my family. So hit me up with a reality check? does my plan sound feasible?

There are already a couple of replies on the thread, one of which takes issue with Kadiri’s plan to sleep in train stations to save money, but all advice is welcome here. Pop over to the BootsnAll boards and leave your thoughts for Kadiri.

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  1. Lindsey Says:

    Life and your choice!