A couple ways to avoid travel burnout.

Traveling the world long-term rewards people with unforgettable adventures, timeless memories. However, long-term travel often comes with a price in the form of travel burnout. \

Long-Term travel means that you are most likely moving consistently. It is a wild experiencing jetting around the globe immersing yourself in vivacious cultures, colossal temples, and unmatched landscape.

However, after months or years travelers can start to get tired of the road, seeing temple after temple, packing and unpacking every few days can become a burden, and the passion that was once reserved and awe that once drove your love for travel is lost.

Travel Burnout is real and if people are not careful it can ruin traveling for you. Throughout my travels I have learned how to avoid travel burnout to keep my travels feeling fresh and my passion for life on the road strong.

Here are a few ways that I have learned through personal experience on how to avoid travel burnout.
Travel slower


traveling slower does wonders for a nomadic soul. When I first started traveling it was not uncommon for me to switch cities every few days and countries every few weeks. After months of this I was exhausted. I couldn’t take making new friends and have the same conversation every three days. I was sick of packing and unpacking my backpack.

I soon learned that slower travel is better travel. Staying in the same city for least a month lets people make lasting friendships, and discover all the little unique things that make the city special.

The good thing about traveling slower is that it can be mixed and matched with fast travel.  Sometimes I travel fast for a couple months and when I find a place I connect with I slow down and stay for a while.

Traveling slower lets you reenergize your love of travel and relax for moving at a fast pace.

Travel creatively


Traveling creative is something I have been striving to do for years. Taking insanely cheap flights, overnight buses, and long distance trains have their place traveling the world. However, thinking outside the box and being creative on how to get between places can restart your wanderlust if constantly moving is starting to grow trying. It is one reason I drove 1/3 the planet in the Mongol Rally, and right now I am on the Oliver Hazard Perry, a full rig ship, sailing between destination around the east coast of America.

Traveling outside the box is adventurous and lets you see the world in new and exciting ways. It has always changed my view of travel, increased my love for it, and helped me grow as a person.

Traveling is one of the greatest things a person can do and it is important to keep that passion fresh. Travel burnout is detrimental if you do not stop it. These are a couple of ways I use to keep travel refreshing and new and I know they will help you avoid the tragedy of travel burnout.

Stephen Schreck is a passionate traveler wandering around the globe. You can get tips like Airbnb Coupon Codes, and follow Instagram, or Pinterest.

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