3 Ultimate Adventures

On October 3rd, 2015

Adventures help us grow. When we push ourselves past our fears and attempt something new and exciting, we learn more about ourselves.

Throughout the years, through all my travels, I have always pushed myself to seek out adventure. I have to be honest, at times it has made me reach beyond my boundaries and tested my limits, but it also has made me a stronger and more rounded traveler.

The world is full of the unknown and the best way to learn about it, and also about yourself, is to experience everything it has to offer.

Here are three ultimate adventures that will help you face your fears while enjoying the ride.

The Mongol Rally


Fathom for a minute the sheer enormity of the Mongol Rally.

This epic adventure starts by jumping into an old jalopy in London, England with the hopes and determination to make it to the finish line in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. As you race down the road, you find yourself in amazing forgotten places of the world, small quaint villages, and desolate plains that haven’t seen a living soul for months.

The words “off the beaten path” don’t even start to describe the Mongol Rally. It is one of the most rewarding adventures I have ever accomplished and it changed my entire perspective. From shopping in markets that hadn’t seen a white person in years to discovering villages so rugged that they were not even on a map, this is one unique and awesome experience.

Even everyday problems became an adventure. When something went wrong with our car, and it often did, we would have to draw diagrams and play charades to get a mechanic to understand what we were trying to say. Plus, it can be said, that driving nonstop for a month and a half can make you go a little mad, but every second of the Mongol Rally is worth it.

I spent my days driving and hanging out with other ralliers, while my nights were filled with camping under skies so clear that even the arms of the Milky Way were visible. It is an adventure I recommend to my readers often.

Skydiving in New Zealand

Skydive NZ

There are thousands of places to skydive all over the world; however, I found skydiving in New Zealand something very special. Falling 15,000 feet over this glorious landscape takes your breath away.

As the wind rushed by my face and the sound of the plane drifted into the distance, I was filled with awe by my surroundings.

Below me were crystal blue waters. To the left, fields of bright green grass. On my right, the beautiful jutting Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings. It was a remarkable experience.

I think skydiving is an adventure everyone should enjoy, and taking your first dive with Skydive Taupo in New Zealand will give you a top of the line experience.

Running of the bulls

Running With the Bulls

The running of the bulls is possibly the biggest adventure of my life so far. I wrestled my thoughts and pushed down my nerves as I stood on a narrow street filled with eager spectators.

Suddenly, a canon broke in the distance, and for a brief moment everything went still. Then, as quick as a massive, gushing wave on the sea, people streamed from behind me and suddenly the street was filled with energy.

Within seconds, I heard the jingling bells mixed with the sound of hooves hitting the cobblestones. I looked behind and saw as the crowd parted, a herd of bulls as high as my chin.

Their razor-sharp horns jutted out of their heads seeming as if they were pointing straight at me. My instincts immediately kicked in and drove all doubting thoughts aside and I began to run. Boxed in a tiny, overflowing street,

I found myself dodging dozens of men that were racing just to stay ahead of the crowd. A couple of times, I felt the bulls bearing down and breathing heavily behind me.

I would dodge and see them sprint on by with another target in mind. I never have felt more adrenaline in my life and I am not likely to feel it again. It was an adventure that made me stronger and braver and one that I would recommend to those seeking an extreme adventurer.

It is something that many must try at least once in their life.

These grand adventures have changed who I am as a person and even the direction that my life has taken. Not only will I never forget the adventure, I also will never forget the anticipation, fighting the good fight of doubt, and overcoming the fears that led to sweet triumph.

Adventures are apart of living. Through them we learn, reach, and grow. We find that we are stronger than we imagined and are able to accomplish the unexpected to achieve the goal. There is no better way, in my opinion, to learn about who we are than by stepping out and enjoying the adventure.

Ready plan a Round The World adventure?

Stephen Schreck is the creator and writer of A Backpackers Tale – Travel Blog. He is on a personal quest to face his fears and have adventures around the world. Or follow his journey of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.