Whatever happened to Bradley Goldstein?


In the house where I do my writing in Baja, there is a copy of The Book of Lists #2, which I read from time to time in idle moments. Of the many fascinating and bizarre facts in this book, one page that caught my attention was “11-Year-Old Bradley Goldstein

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  1. Ray Grieselhuber Says:

    Happy Birthday – I live in Del Mar but I’ll be in Japan on Friday. I found your site through Jim Benning when I took his class. Keep up the good work!
    Ray Grieselhuber

  2. Annette Says:

    Woohoo! Happy Birthday! You’ll have to post pictures of the bash. How old are you? Do other coutries have the ritual “birthday spanking?”

    Have a good one 😀

  3. Al Says:

    Friend Rolf!

    SORRY I missed your birthday on the appointed day…
    Nonetheless, I wish you a joyful and healthy HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a long and productive life!
    Spend your party on Friday like a sailor on shore leave!

    All the best,

  4. Rolf Says:

    Cheers, everyone!

  5. Brad Goldstein Says:


    Well it has taken awhile but I finally Googled Bradley Goldstein after only having Googled Brad Goldstein before. Yes, I admit to being a “precocious sentimentalist”. I did compile my own Book of Lists with a friend who sadly didn’t make it past 15. My mom thought it was cute and sent it to the publishers. To my dismay, they didn’t pick my top 10 list of favorite song; of which 9 were Village People songs. You go ahead and try to name 10 Village People songs! They also didn’t pick my favorite Flinstone list, convenience store list or my favorite ice cream flavors. I still have a ragged copy in my of the original list in my files, and I pull it out from time to time to share with my 11 and 7 year old, but I think those in their late 30’s would get a bigger kick. I always was upset that I wasn’t listed first in the Google search for Brad, but I guess I can take solace in this new revelation. I know that 38 sucks, so I imagine 100 won’t be too fun. I guess I would amend my list to include 18 and 22, possibly 30 as well.