Vagabonding with your other half

As fellow Vagabonders, my husband and I live, travel and work together permanently. We’ve been married for 3+ years and together for 13 and we’re one of those lucky couples who, rather than kill each other when they spend too much time together, gets on even better the more time we spend together.

But there are limits and our jaunts this year through Panama, Buenos Aires, Toronto and Grenada tested the relationship more thoroughly than we’d have liked. At times, we could have cheerfully killed each other but at others, there’s no-one better to share your travel experiences with than the one you love.

Traveling with your other half has its disadvantages…

  • You can get lazy in each other’s company, not needing to speak to or make friends with anyone else unless you get sick of each other.
  • If you disagree on where you’d like to go or what you’d like to do, you lose the feeling of total freedom which travel can grant you.
  • Throwing yourselves into challenging situations can bring out the worst in you, perhaps a side of each other you’ve never seen before.
  • On the other hand, it also has its benefits…

  • You’re never lonely.
  • You have someone else to look silly with when you’re unsure of how things work.
  • You learn an awful lot more about each other facing the challenges of traveling together than you might do sitting comfortably at home on the sofa.
  • You have someone special to share the magical experiences with on your journey who joins in enthusiastically when you start to say, “Remember that time when…” instead of eyes glazing over as you recall yet another ‘travel’ story.

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