Updating the “Vagabonding” resources: Week 8, Chapter 9

Hey there! We took a week off from the Vagabonding resource updates, but we’re back today with a new chapter. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick recap:

A few weeks ago I announced that Rolf’s book, Vagabonding, will be going into a second edition within the year, complete with a fully updated resources section. We put a call out for you to help us update that resource section for the second edition, and this is the second week in a 10-week-long series asking for those website links, books, and other resources that fit into the various categories found in the book.

This week we’ll be working on chapter 9:

* Publications: Overseas work and volunteering
* Volunteer agencies
* Overseas work and volunteering resources online

To see what resources were included in the first edition of the book, click the category above.

Do you know of any website links, books, or other resources that need to be included in the second edition of Vagabonding? Tell us in the comment section of this post.

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