Travel Secrets of War Reporters

Ed Darack/Science Faction/Corbis

Ed Darack/Science Faction/Corbis

They’re some of the savviest travelers around: the foreign correspondents who cover wars, natural disasters and political upheavals. Here’s a slideshow of their travel tips. They’re particularly relevant in the wake of the recent bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Most of us commonly avoid danger zones, but reporters are paid to go straight into them.  They’ve developed these tips after lots of hard experience.  What really comes through is how they’ve developed a wicked sense of humor to deal with risky situations.

This related article is a good introduction to war reporters at work.

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    Thanks for sharing this post. I never thought about the numerous tips foreign correspondents who cover wars, natural disasters, and upheavals would have. They are paid to go into dangerous zones, most travelers may find themselves in a similar situation (maybe not intense) and wouldn’t know what to do. I must say I found Tip #4 intriguing about condoms. Who knew they can protect your camera lens as well and make a great first aid tool in addition to protecting your from diseases or pregnancy (use something else as well 🙂