Travel resources for college students

A reader at the Q&A writes: “I was inspired by your book and I am planning a trip to Europe for a few months. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, however, by how much it all might cost. Any advice for a budget oriented college student dying to see new and wondrous things?”

College students, I told her, have many great advantages in Europe. Your student card alone should save you lots of money on museums and historical sights around the continent. You should also check and see if your campus has a student travel office with information on travel discounts and overseas work opportunities. The Student Travel Association, for example, is a great resource for saving money and generating travel ideas for the road. Student Traveler magazine is another great resource worth checking out. Also, as a student, you

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  1. David Stanley Says:

    A great reseource for anyone hoping to to do Europe on the cheap is Reid Bramblett’s “Europe for Free” website at

    Reid is an editor at Frommers, but his website isn’t connected to that company and there’s some really good material on things you can do at no cost in London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. It’s refreshingly uncommercial and nicely designed. Need I say more?

  2. Says:

    Thanks for the great links an info, Rolf. My freinds and I (all mid-20’s) be using this book as well as the Let’s Go Travel Guide on our 90 day backpack across the continent! We’ll be documenting our travels in realtime on our blog at