Travel is a naturally spiritual undertaking

“Fortunately, embracing the spiritual side of travel doesn’t require that you don a robe and lose your mind. What we know as personal travel, after all, is the historical legacy not of exploration or commerce, but of pilgrimage — the non-political, non-material quest for private discovery and growth. Indeed, regardless of whether or not you consider your vagabonding journey to be “spiritual”, self-motivated travel has always been intertwined with the personal workings of the soul.”
–Rolf Potts, Vagabonding (2003)

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2 Responses to “Travel is a naturally spiritual undertaking”

  1. shakti Fleur Says:

    Travel is indeed spiritual…I recall three years ago when I was in Nepal and I gazed at the Himalayas …my soul started to dance in that silent music and then I knew that travelling to a spot unknown to you and stepping on that soil is the best spiritual expedition that one can ever take.

  2. pheno09 Says:

    I’m glad I found this, cos for ages I was struggling to figure out a way of saying ‘this here is my pilgrimage, my feet and heart speak the same rhythm’.