The hot destinations for trend followers in 2008

Trendhunter points us to this list of hot new destinations for 2008:

  • Buenos Aires – a favorite amongst “creative young vagabonds looking to get away from the US hustle and bustle”. My husband and I spent a month there earlier this year and whilst we loved some of the neighbourhoods like San Telmo, Las Canitas and Recoleta, we were less impressed by the mosquito invasion and dog dirt problem littering the streets.
  • Lisbon – whilst it’s always been one of the “more affordable European cities”, the fact that it’s never been viewed alongside the like of Berlin, London or Paris, may well be about to change.
  • Roatan – a secret diver’s paradise that looks set to be not-so-secret anymore.
  • Quito – long time favourite of backpackers to South America, it looks like Ecuador and Quito are becoming more mainstream.

If you were already planning to head on over to any of these places next year, then I’d get a wriggle on before they’re over run with mass tourism and trend followers.

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One Response to “The hot destinations for trend followers in 2008”

  1. Jacob (Fusiler) Says:

    It is certainly a shame when these “top [blank]” pieces come out in major publications–while the authors are always well-meaning, the locations ultimately become inundated.

    On the plus side, you make a great point: using the “Top 10’s” as a starting point of where not to go (or where to work hard to get off the beaten path).