Survey results: ‘location independence’ isn’t just for the young and single

The results of the location independent survey we told you about earlier are in. We’ve seen the raw (anonymous) data and there’s some interesting things to learn from the numbers.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the survey courtesy of Free Pursuits which hosted it:

  • 268 people completed the survey with about twice as many respondents aspiring to be location independent as those that actually are (94 versus 174).
  • The median age group for location independents was 35-44, while the median was 25-34 for those who’d like to be.
  • Both groups were about 60% male and 40% female.
  • 15% of those already free to work from anywhere have at least 1 child under 18 living with them, while 19% of those aspiring do.
  • Of those that already describe themselves as “location independent” the median work week is between 30-39 hours. Those aspiring to the work-anywhere lifestyle put in about 40-49 per week.

A more in-depth look at the stats reveals some other interesting tidbits that might be useful in convincing others that it is in fact possible to travel and work.

For example, a common argument is that the globe-trotting lifestyle is limited to the young and single… but nearly 60 percent of those who called themselves location independent in the survey are either married or in a relationship. And with nearly 15 percent of the responses coming from parents, having children doesn’t seem to stop anyone either.

The relationship stats were nearly the same for those aspiring to location independence as well, with 57 percent in a relationship of some kind.

There’s a quite a bit more info in results, so keep an eye on the Free Pursuits blog for more info and links to other write-ups from the various blogs that promoted the survey.

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4 Responses to “Survey results: ‘location independence’ isn’t just for the young and single”

  1. Chris Says:

    Interesting, thanks! Didn’t know there was a term to describe, the living situation toward which I’m patiently preparing myself for in my work and personal life (I’m on a 4 year plan).

  2. shortie Says:

    bore da Rolf?, wow ive just come across your site, i am a Welshman living in Arbroath, Scotland. i did a trip from Portugal around Spain then across france in April/May 07 with bugger all cash on a cycle out of the refuse with no brakes. Hell for first few days, but i grew to love the struggle. i lost two stone in weight and it was the single best experience of my life. looked like a tramp at the end. Ive since reversed the trip with money and it didnt compare to the first trip. skint again now and happier

  3. Survey Results Round-up and Thank You - Free Pursuits Says:

    […] Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding Survey results: ‘location independence’ isn’t just for the young and single […]

  4. Cynthia Boyd Says:

    I wish I could have participated. My husband and I uprooted our two teens 3 years ago. We’re now going to help one move back to the states and then we don’t know where we’re going yet. Our eldest is following our lead. She’s in the UK for 3 years of university and then, who knows? We do it by owning very little, and relying heavily on our computers and phones and Skype. My husbands clients don’t mind he’s not physically where they are. If he needs to be, he will goes. We’re 53 and 59. We just didn’t want to be bound anymore by cars, houses, bar b ques blah blah boring blah! We’ve never been happier and our kids have really grown from the experience.