Studying in Paris, performing in Brooklyn


[Above: Rolf poses with students and teachers from the 2006 Creative Writing Workshop at the Paris American Academy.]

I’ve been so busy with travel this summer (journeying through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the Czech Republic) that I never properly reported on the creative writing classes I taught at the Paris American Academy in July. We had a small but lively nonfiction class this year, with students from the United States and Australia developing impressive memoirs, travel stories, and experimental essays.

One of the most interesting projects to come from the creative nonfiction class was Marlene Nichols’s performance monologue based (in part) on her visit to the Paris Catacombs — and I’m proud to announce that she’ll be performing this piece with the storytelling group MOUTHPIECE in Park Slope, Brooklyn next Monday, September 25th. Entrance is just $8, and the show also includes performances by Andy Christie, Albert Stern and James Braly, so if you’re in the New York area, do go and check out her monologue next Monday! More information online here.

Marlene will also be performing her monologues as part of the Culture Project’s Impact Festival in the show “Voices From the Storm,” (responses to Hurricane Katrina, and a benefit for rebuilding efforts in Hancock County), and every Wednesday in October she’ll be handing over four of her monologues to various actors who’ll be performing them at Stage Left Studios’ “What’s Happening” nights for works in progress.

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