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This month at my Travel Writers page, I interview adventure scribe Shanti Sosienski, who has contributed to Outside, National Geographic Adventure, Men’s Journal, FHM, Shape, Dandelion, Sports Illustrated Kids, and Stuff, among other titles.

Personally, I can identify with Shanti’s take on the business/promotion side of writing. “The problem with writing,” she says, “is that no matter how many pieces you get, you could always do more — and so I feel like it’s a constant ‘breaking in’ with every new story. Things are easier than they were two years ago, but I am still a ‘pitching-machine’ and I find that work is not assigned easily because editors are really busy, and if you don’t stay in their face they forget about you. …[I] wish there was some kind of agent out there for writers like me who could shop me around to magazines so I don’t have to do all of my own PR.”

Later in the interview, Shanti offers some advice for aspiring adventure writers. “Don’t do it for the money,” she says. “It’s all about the love of adventure. Don’t let yourself be limited in thinking what a travel story is. It’s amazing how creative you can get with what a travel story is all about.”

For the full Shanti Sosienski interview, click here.

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