Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in Rosedale, Mississippi


Last month, while I was driving down the Mississippi River on a magazine assignment, I had a curious experience in Rosedale, Mississippi. As I was eating lunch in a place called Leo’s Market, a waitress mentioned that Rosedale is the place where the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in exchange for musical genius (an event alluded to in — among other places — the Cohen brothers’ movie Oh Brother, Where Art Thou). As if to prove it, the waitress handed me a wrinkled, typewritten transcription of a “vision” about Johnson’s fateful moment that had appeared to bluesman Henry Goodman as he was traveling the road from Rosedale to Anguila. For the sake of posterity (and because I have never seen it elsewhere), I am publishing Goodman’s “vision” in full below, as well as a postscript by Rosedale’s Crossroads Blues Society.

Interestingly, there are other contenders in the myth of Robert Johnson’s devil-purchased soul — and the crossroads of US 61 and US 49 in Clarksdale is where most blues tourists pay their respects (the newest Romantics album is called “61/49″ for this reason). Of course — as with ancient Roman tourists setting off to find “sites” from Greek myths — the location of Johnson’s crossroads is not exactly something that can be proven. He was born in Hazelhurst, and his supposed grave is in Quito (near Itta Bena) — but Rosedale did figure in the lyrics for one of Johnson’s most famous songs, “Traveling Riverside Blues”.

“Lord, I’m goin’ to Rosedale,” he wails, “gon’ take my rider by my side.”

“Traveling Riverside Blues” had a huge influence on rock-n-roll, and was remade as “Crossroads” by Eric Clapton — which mentions Rosedale with the same phrase Johnson uses. It was also covered by Led Zeppelin (whose more well-known “Lemon Song” famously steals a lyric from that same Johnson tune: “You can squeeze my lemon ’til the juice runs down my leg”).

None of this proves much about Robert Johnson’s crossroads, of course, but I for one like the notion that it happened in Rosedale. The text of the “vision” follows…

* * *

Meeting with the Devil at the Crossroads

A “vision”, as told by Henry Goodman

Robert Johnson been playing down in Yazoo City and over at Beulah trying to get back up to Helena, ride left him out on a road next to the levee, walking up the highway, guitar in his hand propped up on his shoulder. October cool night, full moon filling up the dark sky, Robert Johnson thinking about Son House preaching to him, “Put that guitar down, boy, you drivin’ people nuts.” Robert Johnson needing as always a woman and some whiskey. Big trees all around, dark and lonesome road, a crazed, poisoned dog howling and moaning in a ditch alongside the road sending electrified chills up and down Robert Johnson’s spine, coming up on a crossroads just south of Rosedale. Robert Johnson, feeling bad and lonesome, knows people up the highway in Gunnison. Can get a drink of whiskey and more up there. Man sitting off to the side of the road on a log at the crossroads says, “You’re late, Robert Johnson.” Robert Johnson drops to his knees and says, “Maybe not.”

The man stands up, tall, barrel-chested, and black as the forever-closed eyes of Robert Johnson’s stillborn baby, and walks out to the middle of the crossroads where Robert Johnson kneels. He says, “Stand up, Robert Johnson. You want to throw that guitar over there in that ditch with that hairless dog and go on back up to Robinsonville and play the harp with Willie Brown and Son, because you just another guitar player like all the rest, or you want to play that guitar like nobody ever played it before? Make a sound nobody ever heard before? You want to be the King of the Delta Blues and have all the whiskey and women you want?”

“That’s a lot of whiskey and women, Devil-Man.”

“I know you, Robert Johnson,” says the man.

Robert Johnson, feels the moonlight bearing down on his head and the back of his neck as the moon seems to be growing bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter. He feels it like the heat of the noonday sun bearing down, and the howling and moaning of the dog in the ditch penetrates his soul, coming up through his feet and the tips of his fingers through his legs and arms, settling in that big empty place beneath his breastbone causing him to shake and shudder like a man with the palsy. Robert Johnson says, “That dog gone mad.”

The man laughs. “That hound belong to me. He ain’t mad, he’s got the Blues. I got his soul in my hand.”

The dog lets out a low, long soulful moan, a howling like never heard before, rhythmic, syncopated grunts, yelps, and barks, seizing Robert Johnson like a Grand Mal, and causing the strings on his guitar to vibrate, hum, and sing with a sound dark and blue, beautiful, soulful chords and notes possessing Robert Johnson, taking him over, spinning him around, losing him inside of his own self, wasting him, lifting him up into the sky. Robert Johnson looks over in the ditch and sees the eyes of the dog reflecting the bright moonlight or, more likely so it seems to Robert Johnson, glowing on their own, a deep violet penetrating glow, and Robert Johnson knows and feels that he is staring into the eyes of a Hellhound as his body shudders from head to toe.

The man says, “The dog ain’t for sale, Robert Johnson, but the sound can be yours. That’s the sound of the Delta Blues.”

“I got to have that sound, Devil-Man. That sound is mine. Where do I sign?”

The man says, “You ain’t got a pencil, Robert Johnson. Your word is good enough. All you got to do is keep walking north. But you better be prepared. There are consequences.”

“Prepared for what, Devil-man?”

“You know where you are, Robert Johnson? You are standing in the middle of the crossroads. At midnight, that full moon is right over your head. You take one more step, you’ll be in Rosedale. You take this road to the east, you’ll get back over to Highway 61 in Cleveland, or you can turn around and go back down to Beulah or just go to the west and sit up on the levee and look at the River. But if you take one more step in the direction you’re headed, you going to be in Rosedale at midnight under this full October moon, and you are going to have the Blues like never known to this world. My left hand will be forever wrapped around your soul, and your music will possess all who hear it. That’s what’s going to happen. That’s what you better be prepared for. Your soul will belong to me. This is not just any crossroads. I put this “X” here for a reason, and I been waiting on you.”

Robert Johnson rolls his head around, his eyes upwards in their sockets to stare at the blinding light of the moon which has now completely filled tie pitch-black Delta night, piercing his right eye like a bolt of lightning as the midnight hour hits. He looks the big man squarely in the eyes and says, “Step back, Devil-Man, I’m going to Rosedale. I am the Blues.”

The man moves to one side and says, “Go on, Robert Johnson. You the King of the Delta Blues. Go on home to Rosedale. And when you get on up in town, you get you a plate of hot tamales because you going to be needing something on your stomach where you’re headed.”

* * * *

From the Crossroads Blues Society, Rosedale, Mississippi

People say that the crossroads where Robert Johnson made the pact with the devil is in Clarksdale where Highway 49 intersects with Highway 61. But, as can be seen from the events described above, that’s not the case. The crossroads, the one and only crossroads, where the Delta Blues emerged as a manifest entity in the person and music of Robert Johnson is at the south end of Rosedale where Highway 8 intersects with Highway 1. This will be disputed, as some people will dispute that Robert Johnson ever even made a deal with the devil. But the preacher man, Son House, knew. Even though he wasn’t a preacher. And, if Son House were alive today, he would set the story right.

Truth is, nobody was there when the deal went down but Robert Johnson and the devil. This statement will likely cause some people to say ‘well, just where in hell did the events described above come from if nobody was there to witness them?’ A reasonable question about a spiritual event. Realms must be observed. Or, at least, felt. The events described were witnessed in a Vision. With a capital “V”. Not just any vision, but a visual spiritual experience more real and true than the reality and truth encountered on a day to day basis in the everyday physical world in which life goes on. A spiritual Vision about a spiritual event. Both in the same realm. Plus, the devil hangs close to the Mississippi River, and putting down his “X” as far away from the River as Clarksdale is simply something that would not happen. Voodoo oozes from New Orleans for a reason.

There will be always naysayers and doubters. But most of these can be counted among those people who would have you “define” the Blues. Well, you can’t define the Blues. You feel the Blues, you are seized by the Blues. You are possessed by the Blues. The Blues is music like a Cadillac is a car, There’s just more to it than that, a transcendence, an essence unmeasurable, unspeakable. The essence of Rosedale is the essence of the Delta Blues. Rosedale is not just a delta town. Come on down and see.

The Crossroads Blues Society is headquartered in Rosedale at Leo’s Market, sitting alongside Highway 1 where Highway 8 intersects. Right across the Highway from where the log was so many years ago. Right at the spot where the Devil put the “X” and sat to wait on the soon-to-be Great Robert Johnson. Where else could such a Society be headquartered except here? The Crossroads Blues Society is dedicated and devoted to celebrating and experiencing the Delta Blues. There is no understanding or defining the Delta Blues, but experiencing the blues, feeling the blues, theorizing about the blues, discussing and talking about the blues, and listening to the blues – all spiritual experiences of differing decrees of intensity – is the mission of the Society. This occurs in Rosedale. And when this occurs in Rosedale, you are riding in a Cadillac, top down, with Robert Johnson at your side.

The source of the Delta Blues is this crossroads in Rosedale. Rosedale is the City of the Blues. The Blues have been in the Mississippi Delta forever, hovering over the land like an ether, a vapor. The Blues ware here before Hernando DeSoto, before the planters and their slaves, even before the Indians, who were indeed floating down the Great River when DeSoto “discovered” the Mississippi. How so, Hernando? DeSoto discovered the Mississippi the same way John Handy discovered tie Blues before jumping on a train for Memphis in Tutwiler. The Blues and the River were already there. And people still don’t and never will understand either one nor the essential connection between them. Both can be experienced in Rosedale.

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85 Responses to “Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in Rosedale, Mississippi”

  1. Lus-lived Says:

    You just have no idea….

  2. Alex Says:

    I cant honestly believe people want to sell their souls for ‘wealth’ im not a religious man by any means… but your soul is your wealth.

    Look at it this way, you make a deal, things are great for the next 10 years.. but then oh dear… time runs out… you have to leave your life behind and suffer ETERNALLY. Not worth it. for anything the devil could offer you.

  3. Huston Mahlnoyyavich Says:

    I am from ,and still live in MS, but Rosedaleisnt specifacly important. You just have to be at a crossroad. I believe in the crossroad spirit because there is so much unexplainable wonder.

  4. Vishie Says:

    I’m gonna be the greatest guitarist that has ever walked planet Earth.
    Watch me.

  5. emma Says:

    so, like…. can ya go to any crossroads cos im willing to sell my soul to the devil…. but i would add that i want plenty of money, might as well get as much out of him as i can….

  6. michael s Says:

    i been trying to sell my soul but nothing happens when i try. i would like to sell my soul. tell me how to

  7. michael s Says:

    is there really devils? heaven and hell is it true. i am going try to sell my soul to satan again tonight. i hope it works this time. i realy want to sell my soul to satan.

  8. michael s Says:

    satan i hope i see you today or tonight it does not matter but i hope we meet. i love you and you know that i hate jesus for a long time. please come today or tonight.

  9. Van Says:

    All you folks who say you wanna sell your souls to the devil are just plain crazy!!! First of all, Jesus said that the devil was & is a liar, a thief, & a murderer from DAY One!!! You folks have no idea what’cher sayin’ when you say, “I wanna sell my soul to the devil.”!! You have ABSOLUTELY no idea!!! How does the idea of bein’ lit on fire from head to foot for ALL ETERNITY & screamin’ in agony sound to YOU?!!! Sound like fun?!!! Not to me, & not to the average human bein’ w/ a lick of sense!!! I can tell you that if you go through w/ this (Sellin’ your soul to the devil, much less rejectin’ Jesus’s offer of Salvation through what He did on the cross for you people 2000 years ago), that that’s what’cher in for!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULLS!!! Or to quote the guys in Stryper, “The De-vil’s not your fri-end! You play with fi-re, you fe-el the pa-in!”. Satan never pays with anything but emptiness, heartache, & pain in the end. Alistair Crowley found that out (As have so many others) the hard way at the end of his life: Here he expected for Satan to make him his right-hand man & in the end, he died penniless, broke, & is now burning & SCREAMING in HELL(!!!) even as we speak!!! Tell me, is that REALLY what you guys want for yourselves?!!! ‘Cuz, if it is, like I said, you’re all crazier than I thought!!! You wanna really learn how to play? Get with Jesus Christ: THE INVENTOR & ORIGINATOR of music: See, God originally created music to be used for HIS GLORY! Satan-when he fell from Heaven-just STOLE that gift, brought it down here with him, perverted it, & used it for his own nefarious purposes!! In my guitar practices, I’ve found Jesus to be THE BEST Music Teacher of all, not Satan!! Satan is A LOSER!! Always has been, always WILL BE!! If you guys can’t see that, then, GET A CLUE!!! YOU TRULY ARE BLIND!! ‘Nuff said!!!

  10. Van Says:

    P.S.: Jesus LOVES you all, very much!!! Satan HATES you, has no love for you & never did!! Why ANYONE would ever CONSIDER selling their soul to him is BEYOND ME!! Jesus invites you to give your heart/life over to him today. Why you hate Jesus so much, Michael, is also beyond me. He loved you enough to DIE for you on a cross 2000 years ago, so He’s NEVER done ANYTHING, not ONCE, to deserve your hate! But alas, even He said to us followers of His, “Don’t be surprised if the world hates you. For it hated Me first!” & also that, “They (the world) hated Me without reason.”. I’ll be prayin’ for you, dude, & hopefully, in the meantime, you’ll wise up, get some sense in that head of yours, & take Jesus up on His offer! Laters!

  11. Van Says:

    P.S.S.: And as for the rest of ya’s, I’ll be prayin’ for you too! Cya!

  12. abdiKIing Says:

    Lord, je suis allé à Rosedale au Mississippi,moi-meme j’ai rencontré ce vieux diable.Next time

  13. Charles Hubbard Says:

    I grew up in the Delta. My family were share croppers. I went to school in Gunnison, Rosedale, Pace, Skeen, Boyle, Merigold and cleveland…as sharecroppers my family would move from plantation to plantation all over Boliver County thus explaining the number of schools. Even as a child I could feel the Delta, that spirit, that indescibable thing that wraps itself around you like a second skin you, FEEL it! I can remember standing in the yard of a shotgun house that we lived in on the Waldon plantation. Just out of Rosedale near Pace, and just standing there FEELING the Delta. I was only five at the time, so there was noway I could articulate what I felt. I am know fiftysix years old and still cant articulate it, but I know it is there! I dont know if it’s the air,or that muddy water, or that rich aluvian soil maybe all three, but the veil between the physical and the spiritual gets thinner the longer your there. That is the Delta.

  14. Margoz Says:

    Thanks to Charles -your post is really illuminating. I’m an Australian who loves blues music though it is totally alien to the my experience. I’m currently travelling in the South and drove through Rosedale today and felt weirdly ambivalent about the delta in general and Rosedale in particular. Asked a local young guy about the crossroads location -he genuinely had no idea (probably could have answered anything about rap?)-Main St Rosedale has effectively closed for business as has Gunnison (mentioned above). 46% population below the poverty level and so many communities looking like they are dying. I felt a haunting melancholy -as if the area is crushed by the weight of its own history but at the same time I got just a glimmer of what Charles describes.
    We are so globalised and this authentic local connection gets lost in the mix of TacoBells/Exxon gas stations/Walmarts…….

  15. DT in TN Says:

    Has anyone ever noticed an odd parallel between two very popular men who started new directions of their music? Elvis Presley and Robert Johnson.

    Robert Johnson, a black man who became a great guitarist. Elvis Presley; a white man who was said to have a black man’s voice in a white man’s body. They both died the same day, but different years!!!! Creepy…….

    RJ- August 16, 1938

    EP- August 16, 1977

    39 years difference between the years of their deaths…RJ was 27, Elvis was 42. They were only 15 years apart in age when they died.

  16. Joey D Says:

    @Van the devil was not always thought to be evil. In Ezekiel it is actually said that Lucifer was one of God’s most trusted angels. I’m not saying anything bad about your comment nor trying to disprove it. I am just saying, the devil was not thought to be evil since day one as you stated. Sorry, I’m Bah’ai and we revere to all religious texts as holy, so I read the Bible often(as well as the Upanishads, Torah, Qur’an, and just about every other holy book).lol
    As for the whole selling your soul to the devil, don’t waste your time. There can only be one Robert Johnson.

  17. mizzy Says:

    Ol Robert died at the age of 27. He sold his soul at the crossroads of highway 8 and highway 1. In numerology they both equal 9. 2+7=9 8+1=9. 9 Represent the three divine manifestations in the three plans: world of the spirit, world of the soul, world of the matter, which gives a triple manifestations of Trinity (3 x 3).

  18. Keith Evans Says:

    Good story, Not true sorry to all the satan fans. Robert was an awesome guitar player who had really long fingers allowing him to perform all kinds of hard to reach chords most guitarists can’t reach. His skill was reached as a way out of phisical working and more than likley his way of overcoming his social limitations. I agree to listen to him play and sing is unbelievable and still sends chills down my spine. Remember Hellhound on my trail he makes many references to Christmas eve and Christmas day and having a good time. Not words of someone who “sold their sole”…Good story. Enjoy RJ

  19. alicia Says:

    how could someone say that this man didn’t sell his soul to the devil when he stated it in one of his songs that he sold his soul to the devil. And I’m from this place and still live in this city where he sold his soul Clarksdale MS. So you need to listen to the information before you post something

  20. grrr Says:

    Because he is referring to the spirit Ellegua not to the devil of Christianity.
    That it happened at the crossroads makes it clear that it is a voodoo or African religion thing, it has nothing to do with satanism.

  21. mizzy Says:

    Didn’t happen in Clarksdale.

  22. Help Says:

    Repent to Jesus, will get your soul back if you sold it. Satan is a LIAR your soul was never Satans to own.

  23. David Says:

    I can tell you for a fact that the crossroads were not at Hwy 1 and Hwy 8.. There has never been any crossroads at that intersection. Hwy 8 dead ends into Hwy 1. There is a road across the Hwy and about 50ft South of that intersection that leads to the Great River Road State Park. It wasn’t there until the mid 70’s though. There is also no place you can see the river from the levee. The river is still 1/2 mile from the levee in most cases unless you go about 3 miles North of Rosedale but even there you can’t see the river. Sorry to kill this but the facts don’t support it at all.

  24. David Says:

    People are probably closer to the truth in Clarksdale. Why would he write about going DOWN to Rosedale if he is South of the town? I lived there many years. Someone drives through Rosedale and talks to a waitress at a restaurant and then writes a story without getting the facts straight. Do us all a favor and write about something that you have actually researched. That town has never been about the blues. Fishing, farming, and corn whiskey is the history of that town.

  25. R.J. Says:

    im a northern boy from michigan and i heard of robert johnson when i was fishing with my buddy and his dad,
    he popped in the tape and said listen to this guy, it was said that he sold his soul to the devil to become musically talented at the guitar.

    when i heard his music right away i thought, wow,
    (and became instantly hooked) this guy is special, even his voice the sadness in his soul told the story.

    my whole family is religous, but i must be the black sheep, i just dont have that faith. im not saying im right, i just dont know what to believe, but im sure as “hell” i wouldnt sell my soul to the devil.

    i just wish i could go back and time and witnessed this deal between robert and this devil man…

    it sounds so intense. so cold. this world has so many mysteries that could all be bullshit, but sometimes you should just have the faith…
    i dont know.

  26. ellie-may Says:

    aparantly after he made the deal and it was close to when his time was up he was seeing things and then went missing later found he dead looked like he had been riped up by a hellhound or sunthing x

  27. Deborah Says:

    To all of you people saying you want to sell your souls to the Devil,Here is something that you can try that you will get a responds to,Try giving your heart to God,Ask him to come into your heart,And tell him that you believe jesus died for us, and I promise you that he will be ther for you,That is unless your afraid to ask God,if you haven t gotton a response from satin maybe its because he already know your souls already his!!!!!!You want to play with the Devil,Give him a reason to make a deal with you.Hopefully you will understand how much God loves you.

  28. adora Says:


  29. hamoud Says:

    hi guys satan is real but his wishes iant real he is a lair please dont try to sell ur soul
    And his real name is eblees in arabic in quraan
    satan wants u all to go to hell
    Because when allah create adam allah makes all angels to bow to adam and satan refuse saying that how can he do that cuz humen made of sand and demons from fire so he dared allah sayin that he will make us not obyin allah
    And for who sayin u sold ur sold to satan u didnt and talk to me on: hamoud_wwe@yahoo

  30. mizzy Says:

    @59. Yeah that’s true now, but when RJ was alive it was a dirt road that extended way past highway 1. Some of the old roads were paved over but some were let go and thus…grew into the landscape.

  31. i-dont-know Says:

    God will not answer everyone’s prayers.

    And people aren’t allow to have other options, as they’re be evil or ‘false deity’. And praying to them will meant going to hell and get burn.

    God says he let people have free-will but when people hoped for a certain thing in life, he doesn’t give, is that still free-will? He don’t give having the reason it may not be the best for them or is against his wish, so can I say that God, actually wants us to follow what he had planned/expects? Is this still call “free-will”?

    To me it sounds like, “you’re free to go now, but you cannot leave this house.”

    If I were to sell my soul away, ever, it would be because I know following God would meant that I can NVR achieve somethings in life.

  32. Arlee Says:

    Very interesting story and another devilish distraction! You don’t need to sell the devil your soul, because if you haven’t given your life to Christ, the devil has you anyway!! Check Psalm 37:4: Delight yourself also in the LORD, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. The implication is, that he will give you the desiress of your heart either right or wrong! But for the good news check Romans 5:8: But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. So don’t get hung up on the devil. Choose Chist and chose life. He can make you a blues player or whatever He wants you to be, that will be way better than anything you could ask or think!!

  33. Rusty Says:

    Robert gave us some good music I’m a bluesman too that’s all that matters he was good the best all the rest is crap remember the man for the gift of music he gave us that’s what matters its what Robert would say carry on the blues

  34. Charlie Hubbard Says:

    I grew up in the Delta. My family was sharecroppers. I lived or went to school in Gunnison, Rosedale, Pace, Skene, Boyle, Cleveland and Merigold, and I can tell you from experience there is something that hangs over the Delta like an ether. I can remember as a small child standing in the front yard of a shotgun house we lived in just out side of Rosedale and feeling it, and at that time I had never heard of Robert Johnson or the blues as my family is white, and the only music I was exposed to at that point was country and gospel. I remember riding in a Studebaker with my oldest brother on Bogue Rd. at night with a bright full moon, and looking out across a cotton field, and having a strange and mystical feeling just wash over me. I don’t know what it is, but I defy anyone to go there, go out in the country at night, get out and just stand there for a while. You will feel it!

  35. Kyvon Robinson Says:

    i want to make a deal with the devil, i ask to be a famous rapper with a record deal along with a 64 million dollars and money keep comming to me fortune and fame good health long life, Respect from men and woman to like me as soon as they hear or see me. Come to me devil tonight in a dream to make the deal.

  36. Cts Says:

    im gonna sell my soul when im just about old as dead, the ultimate sacrifiece for guitar, so u be ready for me devil

  37. Pelle Leuf, Stockholm, Sweden Says:

    Why is noone discussing the fact that Robert Johnson took guitar lessons from Ike Zimmerman? But I suppose it’s not so exiting when anybody learns anything in school (or by lessons) comapre to sell the soul to the devil.

  38. Felicia Says:

    why would you want to sell your souls for a few years on earth and have fame for a little while but then suffer for eternity which is never going to end??? the Lord says what is a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul? you will be NOTHING!



  40. smm Says:

    Seriously I’m not contradicting anyone who either loves Satan or god, but I think everyone has a right to believe in what they want to. Religious beliefs go from Christ to Allah to Satan and even budda, and no one can tell someone that they can’t believe in them. Personally I’m still on the fence about god, heaven and hell, and to ne selling your soul to the devil sounds dodgy, so I wouldn’t do it. But that said…everyone believes in what they want to

  41. NCjones Says:

    Some people say the devil sold his soul to Robert Johnson so he could play the guitar like him :)

  42. matthew previtte Says:

    i need you help with selling my soul to the devil and how i may find him

  43. yvonne tanner Says:

    i wanna sell my soul for riches and all that good stuff that comes too. i need money

  44. yvonne tanner Says:

    i wanna sell my soul for money and riches

  45. jeffrey Says:

    can any one here help me sell my soul to the devil for my personal needs in life ?

  46. Hakker Says:

    does anyone know the date (or even the month or year) that Robert Johnson sold his soul??? need to know soon!!

    @jeffrey depends on what you are going to sell it for.

  47. Godsgift Says:

    Look those of you desperate for fame and fortune, just because you want to enjoy this world , I feel sorry for you….my best advice is God truly exist and there is Heaven and Hell… The consequences of making a deal with the devil is veryyyyyy dangerous and not worth it… This world is full of evil and deceits that’s why majority of people get easily deceived, because the bad evil in human is too weak and will easily get tempted… The only way out is getting close to God with prayers and with time you will see that devil can’t deceive you any more because with prayers and bible reading, you are inviting God and the holy spirit to leave within your soul and guide you… God created us and he know what our heart desires and what is best for us… God can still give you ultimate success and fame with no price to pay… Trust me it’s true…I’m a witness of Gods work… Because You think RJ was great and sold his soul and some of you think you can do the same…. Remember devil is not your friend.. He is a deceiver and wins whenever your weak mind gives in into his temptations… Those who have ears let them ear and follow Christ … Jesus Christ the son of God is our lord and saviour and he can always give us what we want… God knows best… Peace to all people…

  48. Paul Says:

    Oh come on! What’s the worst that can happen?

  49. Dave Murray Says:

    Robert Johnson is the example to all who seek fame & fortune above all else. He and many a growling dog after him have signed a figurative petition within themselves to forsake all peace & wisdom for personal power & notoriety. Remember, there was another man tempted long before Johnson. He is the example for all who would forsake personal fame & fortune for the peace & inner strength that spreads life to all around them, not just themselves. He served someone greater then the devil and saw through the lie that we may also see through it: The devil doesn’t ‘own’ the blues – God does! [read the Psalms!!] Christ voluntarily exposed himself to death to undo the power thereof, until his light-filled immune system overcame death in less than a weekend. “Therefore God has highly exalted Him and given Him a name that is above all other names…that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord” [Phil 2]. Let me ask you something – which name do you think sends shivers down the spine of every hell-hound and spirit in this universe – Robert Johnson or Jesus? That, my friends, is true fame!

  50. McKinley Morganfield Says:

    Wow, you have sure stirred people up for a few years with this posting. Great story. It has inspired me. I play slide guitar, more so stylized myself after the likes of Muddy, but I love ALL of them and have researched them all thoroughly from the Hook, to Leroy Carr, to Sonhouse, to Big Bill Broonzy, yet I (as I’m sure ALL of the above mentioned Gentlemen were), am always in open mouth awe of the same 29 songs my whole life. The Jimi Hendrix of Blues. Robert Johnson, his life, legend, right down to round about, unconfirmed, multiple burial sites and crossroad locales adds to the mystery. I love it. I think it was all in his go for broke, nothing left to lose in life approach with the help of FREAKISHLY LONG fingers that helped. My wife and I married down in Nawlins 2 years ago and are moving there in another 2 years when she is out of grad school. We are driving down next Friday from Michigan for our anniversary. We will head southwest off 55 @ Memphis and hit Clarksdale and Rosedale to cover our bases for the ” Crossroad Debate ” on our drive down. The Rosedale site I’ve heard other freakish stories about, so if I were a betting man, I’d lay my soul down that Rosedale’s the one. Thanks for the tip. Again, great story. That’s the deep south for you…

  51. Clergy Says:

    if u want to sell ur soul to satan then contact me i tell u how to do it :))

    hail satan! hail azazel! hail lucifer! hail lilith!

  52. Anon Ymous Says:

    Clergy, u r out of ur mind to say something like that. The only one u should all be praising is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.Clergy is crazy and deserves to go to hell becuz i think thats wat he wants. And if u thought it was a harmless joke, nobody found it very amusing stupid.

  53. Anon Ymous Says:

    Thank you miss Ashley. You are exactly correct. It is inhumanely wrong too sell your soul do the devil and we should all sell our soul to Jesus Christ! I also believe we are in our final days. 😉

  54. Jonas Says:

    Oh , all you people who want to sell your soul are crazy.
    I was really religious and holy before , but i lost my connection with god.
    But after i read all this , i think i’m ready to return to God and Jesus.

  55. HENRY M. LUVENE Says:


  56. Vuna Avon Says:

    Oh my God, this is very creepy how it sounds as if they are happy about what was done. It is a sad that someone would do such a think, everyone who is thinking about doing the same need to read the Bible.. The HOLY BIBLE and get the Holy Word into your life and have a little talk with Jesus no better yet have a very long conversation with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and get your life on the correct path. Hopefully you will decide what to do and it be a smart choice. Think long and hard. You all have a Blessed Day!!! PRAISE GOD the one who gave his only begotten son (JESUS CHRIST) to die for our sins!!

  57. Dean Says:

    I have my doubts that he made a deal with the devil,
    because lucifer is still in his cage, and let’s all hope he will always be.
    It makes a little bit more sense if it was just an ordinary crossroads demon.
    I’m a musician myself, and if i would have such a deal offered to me, i’d take it.
    no doubts about that.

  58. Dr. Tikki Collins Says:

    Very interesting story. People the devil and hell are very real. Those of you who are talking about selling your souls, I pray for you and plead the blood of Jesus on your life. Hell is a place of eternal torment, you will want to die but can’t. Here are some references of hell for you from the bible:
    Hell was designed originally for Satan and his demons (Matthew 25:41; Revelation 20:10).
    (2) Hell will also punish the sin of those who reject Christ (Matthew 13:41,50; Revelation 20:11-15;
    Matthew 13:50 “furnace of fire…weeping and gnashing of teeth”
    Mark 9:48 “where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched”
    Revelation 14:10 “he will be tormented with fire and brimstone”

    I don’t care if I have fame, fortune, talent or anything else that people view valuable in this world. My net worth is in Jesus Christ who is the owner of my salvation. Please people this is real, even if you have doubts just open up your mouth and ask Jesus to reveal himself to you through His holy word (The Bible) and He will. If you want to see some spiritual miracles invite Jesus into your heart. It does not matter what you have done in the past or what you are doing now, Jesus says just repent ask Him for forgiveness believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead and then ask Him to become Lord and Savior of your life and you will be saved. After you do that confess with your mouth to anyone that will listen that He is Lord of your life and watch the fullness of joy you will be filled with. Reference this in the bible Romans chapter 9 “because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved”.
    God bless you!

  59. nethingispossible Says:

    Satan or Lucifer which means “bringer of light” was an angel, Michael’s brother. God demanded all angels bow down to humans. Lucifer said he only bows down to his father, (GOD). His father cast him out and sent him to hell. He was one of the most beautiful of all angles. He did not defie God in any harmful or devious way. He was punished so our very discusting ways of lif.e could be on earth. Look what we have done to our beautiful, amazing planet. Look how we treat our own kind and what society has become. We have created our own hell. It’s not safe anymore and is slowly but surley rotting away. So maybe people should get facts strait before they state any kind of opinion of the “devil” or “god” Ask your self Was mankind surviving really worth an angels life and a so called “Hell” to be created??? And who is god or lucifer to claim our souls after death? Your soul belongs to you and only you, if it didn’t why are there so many lost souls left on earth wondering all alone, invisible, but with feelings after your body is decaying in the ground?

  60. Justin Says:

    I like that people think oh I am going to the crossroads and sell my soul…From what I read, Lucifer was there waiting on Robert Johnson. So if you want to sell your soul, run down to the crossroads and see if your special enough for Lucifer to be sitting there waiting.

  61. bob Says:

    you are all lost. there is no evil but in our mind

  62. Luis Says:

    I wanna sell my soul for everything.!! Money (billions), fame (rap), eternal life (300 years), girls (all), followers (everbody), the world (the whole world)… If im selling my soul might as well get the best out of it. Some one help me out
    Email –

  63. Jpone Says:

    You can’t be serious.That’s not worth your soul the devil is trying to trick you.I will pray for you.God will forgive you and you will have eternal life through Jesus who died for our sins.God bless you.

  64. michael Says:

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  65. Dom Says:

    I don’t believe much in religion but how do you know Jesus wasnt the liar and being on fire numbs you. You don’t feel anything so who exer made up that whole suffering by fire made it up. No supreme being said that cuz a supreme being would know you would feel it

  66. michael Says:

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  67. Darko Says:

    U are all morons think man. Look the Devil is known as a liar, in reality he will give u what u want however he will use it against you as well. He will come free from his cage after 66 seals are broken , hell brakes loose, Christ comes, sends demons, his followers and satan himself to be tortured for all eternity.

  68. Darko Says:

    I’ve had experience with him 3 times, he possessed my friend, came after my dad and came after me ( failed I turned to God) 1 of my uncles is currently possessed by him he is scary as fuck. Remember you can not die in hell, the torture literally goes on forever.
    Me I worship God and another dark spirit The Grim Reaper yes he is real archangel azriel

  69. lebohang Says:

    please anyone who can help me please do, i wanna sell my soul 4 wealth , please call me at 0823995116, all that i got scamers who wanted money . please any one help please. am ready to b the devil child n burn to hell

  70. rs Says:

    Robert’s problem was that he just did not know his guitar scales. The devil obliged him, but you can learn your scales from the internet/apps etc these days, no need for making deals with that ancient shady character. That is the greatest thing about the internet, it is freeing millions of people up to access knowledge without doing a deal with the waiting, lurking serpent that broods in the air. the ancient serpent is still desperately hanging on via mass media deception but those who are awake see the slimy trail is going cold. The games up, satan, you enormous disgusting filthy snake.

  71. Jessica M Fulbright Says:

    I want to sell my should to the Devil for wealth strength and prosperity fame and I will not tell u anything else privacy is golden :-) guide me to the real Crossroads!!!!!!

  72. Quinton Says:

    The crazy thing is I believe this story after recently reading a poem from Langston Hughes named “The Negro speaks Of Rivers” definitely a good comparison because the poem was inspired by a train trip he took across the Mississippi River

  73. Satan Says:

    None of y’all have a clue what happened between me and Robert Johnson. Did he get his craft from me? Yes…..Did it happen at that crossroads with a hell hound close by? Was the moon full? Was there a crossroads? Well being Satan, I love speculation, so please speculate yourselves into a quandary of your own hell. I’ll be waiting on the other side for you, and don’t look for lakes of fire, or pitch forks, or red fork tails……you’ll be surprised…..IT’S MUCH WORSE!!!!!

  74. katie houston Says:

    why don’t they sell their souls to God and get a bigger and better investment and return than the devil.

  75. Creighton Wodarski Says:

    robert johnson did not sell his soul he went to Helena Arkansas and learned from Ike Zimmerman . He began to get better and in a couple months he left and went back to Som house Willie brown And Charlie Patton were he could play really good son also stated that johnson “put another string on his gutiar ” . Also this crossroads is a myth and I don’t beilive it . He learned from Ike Zimmerman look him up! . If he sold his sold than I’m the pope of Rome .

  76. Steve Says:

    what road actually existed when RJ sold his soul ? Old Hwy. 8. Between Cleveland & Ruleville. what crossroad existed ? By Dockery Farm !

  77. brandi Says:

    First off yes you can make a deal with the devil but whats important here is you are the devil and lord this is your ying and yang when you work together as one grate things happen but mind you this you cant sell your soul its yours and yours alone you have two halfs to yourself take your own hand and become one please haven’t you ever herd the only person you truly should fear is yourself remember what the bible says those who take the spirit in are blessed listen to your spirit of your true self and light up life you will actually see who you are someone very special your own true god in every one of you is sitting there with you wanting to help and assist you but most of you will keep your god locked up in prison in side of you out of feer good journey’s god bless and I show each and every one of you gods respect and love

  78. brandi Says:

    And for those of you that want to know you are the cross road if any one wants help connecting to your god soul self feel free to message me and remember your not selling your soul to the devil lets clear that up and people that make dum comments about all this hell pit and all that sould keep there mouth shut because you are liers there is nothing like that to fear

  79. brandi Says:

    One more thing people the bible is about the planets and massive events from this happening so this hole thing about seals is rubbish the true teaching in the bible about worship is to worship your true god you dear ones and the 7 seals is about your seven kanker alinment when you do this you pull natural energy in to you and can heal yourself and many other things boy I wish I could help you pore folks

  80. Hector Says:

    To all you folks that say you want to sell your soul to the devil and haven’t been able to… the reason the devil doesn’t bother with buying your soul is because you gave it to him for free. Just by your blasphemous words agagainst our Lord and savior Jesus Christ and you saying that you wish to sell your soul, that was enough to Damn your soul for free. The devil knows he doesn’t need to even try with you. And unless you accept the Lord and Saviour into,your,hearts and repent your sinful ways you will spend eternity burning in the fires of hell for nothing…

  81. terracle Says:

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  82. sammy Says:

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  83. irane Says:

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  85. Robert Johnson Says:

    Hi everyone its me your fav blues artist is back after being taken by the devil he has finally let me free but sadly he still has my soul. I will be recording a new album soon and praise alah akbahd to everyone.

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