Packing food for the flight home

People will try to bring anything on a plane (and the TSA will most likely try to ban it).

With the number of people traveling over the holidays it’s inevitable that some will either return home with gifts of food or mom’s leftovers. Yet the TSA (Transporation Security Administration) is as steadfast as ever in its limitations, even posting new food rules in time for this year’s holiday flights.

Granted, security shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I think it’s funny to see the level of detail in the list of banned items. Anything that appears gel-like should only go in your suitcase (not in your carry-on). This includes:

• Jams and jellies
• Gravy
• Soups
• Cranberry sauce
• Oils and vinegars
• Salsa and sauces
• Maple syrup
• Wine, liquor, and beer

Last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle recounts the trials of a woman just wanting to bring a pie on the plane. Seems as though the time has come when the family’s dessert course might be dependent on the type of pie that’ll most easily get through security—TSA is looking for anything with a gel-like filling. After a series of pie confiscations over Thanksgiving, the TSA now goes the extra mile to post a pie-related notice on its website, saying that they’re allowed, but “be advised that they might be subject to additional screening.”

For a full recap of prohibited items—now that we’re sufficiently confused—check out SeatGuru‘s handy list.

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