Making the career break dream a reality

It’s not often that you run into an industry that encourages sabbaticals. In my past employment with Internet portals, only one company’s HR department considered it, but only after you’d worked there 10 years or more.

Does that mean you’re out of luck if you’re yearning for a travel break from work?

Not according to a recent article by Susan Stellin in The New York Times. The article highlights tips from Sherry Ott and fellow founders of Briefcase to Backpack, which provides seminars on how to plan for that career break. You may remember the Meet, Plan, Go events around the country last month. That’s exactly how they help.

Highlights and tips from the article:

•    Plan, and save, for your travel budget. Consider working along the way, or volunteering, to keep the costs low.
•    Expect that family and friends may not understand your need to take a break. Quitting a steady job is scary for some, so their fears may chip away at your resolve to hit the road.
•    Consider easing into your trip. You don’t have to do it all at once.
•    If you have concerns about traveling alone in a destination, join a group trip.
•    Plan and be prepared for your return. Keep in touch with your colleagues, and refresh your resume. Use your travels as experience to make you stand out as an employee.
•    If you intend to return to the same company, make a solid plan to present to your manager, telling her how your career break can improve your value to the company.

Have you taken an extended career break? What tips do you have to add?

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4 Responses to “Making the career break dream a reality”

  1. Sherry Ott Says:

    Thanks for highlighting the article and the growing career break movement! I do firmly believe that people’s views on taking a career break are slowly changing. I find more and more people who are planning one every day!