Lost in Los Angeles

Contrary to earlier plans, I never made it back up to San Francisco yesterday. I’m currently in Santa Monica, with very little ‘net access. I’ll stay in LA (sans laptop) till Friday, and I hope to return to the Bay Area and continue my blog updates by the weekend.

Posted by | Comments (3)  | September 17, 2003
Category: Rolf's News and Updates

3 Responses to “Lost in Los Angeles”

  1. chris Says:

    So Rolf, are you moving to South America?

  2. Rolf Says:

    I won’t be moving to South America, but I’ll be traveling there very soon (and I might move to Latin America — likely Mexico — sometime within the next year). Details to be posted here soon.

  3. Chris Says:

    Right, Latin.. got ya. I was thinking about SA when I wrote that..