Korean condoms: “We are all brack people”


Above: Korean condom packaging.

The above snapshot of a box of Korean condoms is a relic of Newley Purnell’s recent trip to Seoul. Newley’s brief commentary says it all:

There is so much to analyze on this box of Korean condoms that I don’t even know where to start. The copy on the box reads:

“Keep it real. Keep on faith. Keep on going. Piece! Stay real! WE are all brack people.”

Also, what’s up with the panther and the cat-woman?

More outtakes from Newley’s Korea trip here.

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4 Responses to “Korean condoms: “We are all brack people””

  1. Newley Says:

    Glad you liked the brack power condoms, Rolf. Arrived in Bangkok today and will be on the lookout for more perversions of the English language (not to mention political correctness).


  2. Matt Says:

    On another note, when I visited Seoul last month I saw that condoms were available in the rack next to the checkout line. You know, right next to the candy. It seemed a fitting place to me – all those screaming kids in close proximity are likely to produce an increase in sales in such a location.

  3. Aly Says:

    I randomly met Newley two weekends ago at my favorite hole in the wall bar in Seoul. Small world!

  4. Jonathan Morse Says:

    I’m sure these types of things are funniest when you stumble upon them while traveling, but here is a website full of them. Check out the categories on the left sidebar. Hours of fun!