Blogging the adventure: Off the Couch and On the Road

Some people are born with a travel bug, and dream of hitting the road as soon as they’re beyond their parents’ grasp. They feel restless in any state except a moving one. Other people stumble upon vagabonding almost accidentally, not quite sure how they got there but unable to let go of the idea once it’s found a home in their heads. Sarah of “Off the Couch and On the Road” is one of the people in the latter category.

Sarah had a great job in Australia doing what she’d gone to school for when she unexpectedly found her cubicle walls closing in on her. Rather than just grow depressed or assume this was how life was supposed to be, Sarah decided she needed a holiday. But soon the idea of a short holiday just wasn’t good enough, and before she knew it, she’d become a vagabonder. Her friends didn’t understand, but that didn’t stop her:

“But it’s like living your whole life in the bathroom without ever seeing the rest of the house,” I said. “Wouldn’t you want to see the rest of the house?”

“No,” the friend said, shaking her head vehemently. “I like my bathroom. It’s such a nice bathroom – can’t you just leave the door open and peek out every now and then?”

“Uh, no because there’s a hallway in the way and you can’t really see… um, oh whatever.”

Sarah left in March, and is currently in Germany – after having already visited SE Asia, Nepal (where she hiked up to Everest Base Camp) and a few other European countries. She’s still got Africa, North America and South America to go, and is planning to do a Machu Picchu trek while she’s at it. She’s got a great attitude about travel, especially for someone who seems to have ended up a vagabonder unintentionally, and the blog is fun to read. Sarah’s journey is slated to continue through March of next year – or perhaps longer if she finds work in Canada – so there are plenty of adventures to come.

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