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May 13, 2005

A Sense of Place in SoCal

Michael Shapiro is still on tour promoting his excellent 2004 travel book, A Sense of Place: Great Travel Writers Talk About Their Lives, Craft and Inspiration. Upcoming California appearances are as follows:

Santa Barbara: Sunday, May 15, 3pm. Shapiro will be in live discussion with Pico Iyer at Chaucer’s Books in Loreto Plaza, 3321 State Street. Tel: (805) 682-6787. Free.

San Diego: Monday, May 16, 7pm. Shapiro will speak and play audio interviews with Jan Morris, Peter Matthiessen, Frances Mayes and Isabel Allende, among others, at The Book Works, Flower Hill Mall, 2670 Via de la Valle, Del Mar. Tel: (858) 755-3735. Free.

Los Angeles: Tuesday, May 17, 7pm. Sense of Place promo event at California Map & Travel, 3312 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica. Tel: (310) 396-6277. Free.

North Bay: Thursday, May 19, 7pm. Guitarist and storyteller Kirk Keeler joins Shapiro at this special event. Keeler will play songs from his new CD, “From the Underground”. North Light Books in Cotati (in Oliver’s shopping center, north of Petaluma, south of Santa Rosa). 550 E. Cotati Ave. Tel: (707) 792-4300.

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