A comment about comments

It’s now been about four months since I disabled the comments here at Vagablogging.net — and I think I’m going to keep them “turned off” indefinitely.

I’m doing this not because I dislike comments (to the contrary, I like the interactive nature of blog comments), but because I found the comments were too difficult to maintain — especially since the comment section was regularly becoming inundated with spam ads for porn and poker and penis enlargement. Hence, keeping the comments turned off is simply easier that spending ten minutes each day cleaning them up (and ten minutes each day — day after day — can add up to a lot of wasted time).

Since travel itself is more important to me than travel-blogging, I’m simply trying to keep my laptop time to a minimum, while still posting as much interesting travel information as I can.

If something I blog here moves you one way or another, feel free to send along a personal comment to me by email.

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