Young Pioneers: A Journal of Independent Travel Culture

I’ve been curious about the independent travel ‘zine Young Pioneers ever since the editor, Dan Eldridge, intereviewed me over a year ago in Seattle. Now, finally, the first issue of the ‘zine (officially called Young Pioneers: A Journal of Independent Travel Culture) is out, and it’s an impressive debut.

In some ways Young Pioneers reminds me of Motionsickness, though it’s hard to tell yet if its editorial mission will be as focused. In the opening editorial, Eldridge is optimistic, if a tad vague. “Travel has so much to offer that it often seems impossible to catalog its endless benefits,” he writes. “Confidence building, though, is a biggie. If you’re not sure exactly who you are, or what you believe in, or what you want out of life, a good, hard trip will prob

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