William Dalrymple on getting started in travel writing

Scottish born author William Dalrymple has written a short introduction to travel writing for the BBC’s special writing feature The Craft. A lot has changed, he says, since “authors such as Theroux or Eric Newby were able to simply jump on a train and, on their return, after a quick reworking of their diaries, could reasonably expect to have a major serialisation and a crop of rave reviews.”

Countless travelers since then have followed suit, traversing the globe and reporting back. “The Climate,” Dalrymple says, “has changed from enthusiasm to one of undisguised boredom.”

This is not meant to discourage, however. The article offers up sound advice to those looking to improve their note-taking, writing, and marketability in the world of travel writing. “… if you have talent, persistence and, above all, a good tale to tell, there will still be a place for you in what is now a very crowded and competitive marketplace.”

Check out the article in full here.

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