When vagabonding makes you feel like dancing

I recently got an email from Jason Gaspero (who pops up in my book, in the “Vagabonding Voices” section), who passed along this hilarious video that was made by a young vagabonder named Matt Harding.

Essentially, the video is a montage of Matt doing a goofy dance at various spots around the world (including a Bengali jungle, a Mexican ruin, and the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro) — and it very effectively communicates the joy one gets from world travel. As Jason said when he passed the link along, “don’t let its simplicity fool you — it’s totally brilliant — and I guarantee you’ll wind up watching it more than once.” Indeed!

The video is available for online viewing here. It takes little while to download, but it’s totally worth it.

Posted by | Comments (4)  | February 17, 2005
Category: Travel News

4 Responses to “When vagabonding makes you feel like dancing”

  1. justin Says:

    Great link… thanks!

  2. Jamie Says:

    I’ve watched this video several times a day since you posted it! Your friend is right–it’s absotively brilliant!
    I watched it twice before going to sleep last night, and I dreamt I was back roaming around Cambodia–best dream I’ve had in a while! :~)
    This is something I’ll keep watching until I can get back on the road myself.
    Do you know of any other online videos for travel addicts in limbo?

  3. melissa Says:

    Yes you are right, it really is hilarious! But I do envy the guy, he danced his way to so many beautiful places!

  4. cristey Says:

    This video brought me to tears. Just the look of sheer glee on his face. I think this is travel journalism at its finest. Why scratch out travel stories and worldly philosophical ponderance when we could all just bust a move?