What’s outside your window?

photo credit: flicker/creative commons (pringnews.com)

The Paris Review is running a blog series called “Windows on the World” and asking writers peppered across the globe what they see outside their window. Which reminded me that part of my favorite thing about traveling is the view outside the window changes. Even beyond seeing, different ones let in various smells, sounds and the occasional unwanted bug.


From a hostel room one winters eve, I watched a candlelight procession stroll by the tallest Christmas tree in the world. A different morning a grizzly bear keenly pried apart my dogs’ house in search of the bits of food Calise had stashed for later. But perhaps the most surprising was when a five-foot iguana slipped through a ventilation window and joined me in the shower!


So in the spirit of all you readers being scattered across the globe, please share…
What’s outside your window?

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3 Responses to “What’s outside your window?”

  1. KJ Says:

    Lots of bicycles – Copenhagen. Am 10 months into a 14 month round the world trip. Never seen so many unlocked bikes in my life! It’s a hugely popular form of transport here, and obviously little problem with theft. Nice to be in a country where there is souch trust of neighbours.

  2. Lynne Friedmann Says:

    The 1000-acre coastal San Elijo lagoon in northern San Diego County. From time to time, I’m interrupted by the landing of a Cooper’s Hawk on my balcony railing 15 feet away. We make eye contact, it cocks its head, and is airborne once more.

  3. María Helena Says:

    The view to the Caribbean Sea and the mouth of the Magdalena River. Spectatular!I live in a four storey building.