What should one bring when vagabonding?

Adam from New York writes to ask:

“What are the intricacies of packing for an extended period of solo vagabonding? I’d like to be as mobile as possible, but I don’t want to forgo the items that will allow me to get the most from my experience.”

This is what I told him:

“This is a key question in any vagabonding journey: What should one bring?

“Fortunately, the answer is easy: Bring as little as possible. Basic clothes, basic toiletries and medicines, a guidebook or two, good shoes or sandals. All packed in a small and sturdy backpack. This might sound like a scant amount of gear (especially in comparison to all the junk we seem to require in our day-to-day lives at home), but at the end of the day, you will

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One Response to “What should one bring when vagabonding?”

  1. Tom Says:

    Couldn’t agree more! There’s no one way to travel, of course. Nothing wrong with those who wish to make their experiences more self-contained, and more about all the neat gizmos and just-in-case what-nots in their big, 65l packs. But difficult to see how they’re as likely to get as deep into their destinations. For SE Asia, try the site “Travel on the Really Cheap!” — which has a true minimalist take on travel in that region for exactly the reasons stated above. Cheers!