What I saw in Peru


[Above: A girl in traditional Incan clothing, near Cusco, Peru.]

Greetings from the mountain resort town Pucon, Chile. I am posting this blog in advance, since in coming days I will mostly be out of contact, as our Land Rover expedition travels the remote “Astral Highway” through southern Chile into Argentinian Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

For now, I wanted to post photos from our journey through the amazing country of Peru. Each text description below pops into its own picture window.

Drive Around the World Land Rovers camped for the night on a desert beach in northern Peru.

An aerial shot of DATW vehicles driving past the mysterious geoplyphs of Nazca.

An aerial shot of DATW vehicles in the desert plateau of southern Peru.

A rare, llama-like vicuna on the Peruvian pampas east of Nazca. (A coat of vicuna wool is said to sell for $5000.)

Flamingoes hanging out at a 15,000-foot Andean pass in the Peruvian altiplano.

A boy and his dog in the highlands near Cusco.

A kid and his falcon in the highlands near Cusco.

A Peruvian man sporting a fedora in a small Andean mountain town.

A night-time shot of the lovely city of Cusco, a one-time colonial town and former Incan capital.

An Incan guitarist performs in the streets of Cusco.

A girl and her lamb in Cusco.

Rolf and an expedition Land Rover in a posed publicity shot.

Rolf and the ruins of Machu Picchu in a shot that is actually not posed, even though it looks like it is.

Sheep in the road in the Andes.

Justin and Nancy digging a Rover out of the mud near Puno.

Yes: They do eat guinea pig for dinner in Peru!


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  1. Tiziano Says:

    I just read your book “Vagabonding” and now I’m surfing on your site. Great pictures, that’s the real way to travel!

  2. krisie Says:

    you have amazing pictures from Peru! I need to visit to see for myself!

  3. Williams Says:

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