What do you read on flights?

As you read this, I’ll probably be sitting in the sun at a cafe in Prague (unless it decides to pour heavily!). Yes, I’m on a short though long needed break from Madrid and my computer!

A friend asked me what book I’ll be taking for the flight; I’ve just started reading Jack Keroauc’s On The Road (no, I haven’t read it before so shoot me), that’s what I plan to have in my bag if I haven’t finished it before — which is possible — I started it yesterday and have been hooked.

Otherwise, I’ve stopped taking books for trips. I used to buy easy reads just for flights and lazy days; but lately all my trips have been so short and my brain has been overloaded pre-departure, so for the last year or so I’ve been resorting to Time Magazine, the Economist or even OK! magazine (yes, yikes!) for my in-flight entertainment. I find the short snippets they write easy to read and the variety helps me stay alert for longer periods of time when in the air.

The last few books I read on flights were: Lonely Planet’s “Tales From Nowhere“, Traveler’s Tales “Hyenas Laughed At Me And Now I Know Why” and Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter Of Maladies.

That’s it for me: short stories or magazines. What do you read on flights?

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