Welcome our new crop of vagabonding contributors

After over 2 years and almost 70 Vagabonding Case Studies, we’ve profiled many different types of long term travelers. Single people, couples, and families. Men and women, first-timers and seasoned veterans, young and old.

Two things have become very clear;

  1. Anyone can do this. There are pros and cons to long term travel, and one does need to carefully plan, but it is a valid life choice, and there are people all over the world who make vagabonding a lifetime goal.
  2. More people are doing this. There are over 100 case studies in the queue and more arrive every week. Travelers are coming together and reaching out and encouraging each other as never before through Facebook and Twitter. We had a record 38 submissions for our call for writers.

Vagabonding’s newest contributors come from an equally diverse set of backgrounds and locations. We have a Colorado photographer studying International Development, a woman who travels the U.S. with her two horses and three dogs, and a PR professional from Chicago about to leave on her first long trip. You’ll get to know a documentary filmmaker in Tel Aviv, a punk rock guitarist and linguist from Penang, a career breaker living in Bangkok, and a woman happily recovering from spending four years cycling across North and South America with her family.

These new contributors are but the first and most crucial part of what will be an exciting year here at Vagabonding, as we bring together this growing community of travelers.

Please give them a great big welcome!

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