Weekly RTW Inspiration and Information: Round the World Wednesday

Some travelers may pick a destination from a list, plan a week-long trip there, and move on to the next spot. The planning for such a vacation can be done quickly, including any last-minute prep you might feel like doing on the plane. Long-term travelers, on the other hand, tend to take longer to plan out their trips – these are, after all, epic journeys of several months to several years, so it only makes sense to take longer than a day to figure out the details.

The trouble with such drawn-out planning is that it’s easy to get sidetracked by something else and put off the next steps in your RTW trip planning process for another day or week. Regular reminders of your travel goals are helpful, especially if they’re also providing planning tips. This is only one of the reasons we’re so excited about a new series on BootsnAll dedicated to RTW travel – it’s Round the World Wednesday.

Every week, we’ll feature a new article in the Round the World Wednesday series designed to help long-term travelers. Some articles will de-mystify an aspect of RTW travel, such as how you really can afford to travel long-term. Some articles will let readers in on little secrets to help them get more out of their trips, like the “stopover secret.” Some articles will cover topics that are common to every RTW traveler’s planning process, like how to decide where to go on a RTW trip.

We hope you’ll tune in every Wednesday to find out what’s new in the Round the World Wednesday series, and that it’ll serve as a weekly reminder of your travel aspirations. For even more RTW travel tips, don’t forget to sign up for BootsnAll’s RTW Travel Newsletter, delivered monthly via email.

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