Wanted: A place to live and work

After having lived almost exclusively overseas since 1996, I’ve returned to the United States this month with the intention of sticking around for a few months while I work on my next book. Since my life is still quite portable, I am in a position where I could choose to live almost anywhere. American cities high on my list include New York, New Orleans, Portland (Oregon), and the San Francisco Bay Area — though I’m open to living just about anywhere.

As I begin my research process in coming weeks (right now I’m taking a pit-stop with my family in Kansas), I’d love to have some help from you folks out there in the blogosphere. Does anyone have leads on affordable (and temporary — 6-9 months) housing someplace stateside? I don’t require much — just a private space to sleep and work and spread out a bit. College-town studios and over-the-garage apartments are perfectly acceptable, as well as (given a longer-than-normal-term gig) house-sitting arrangements. In short, I’m just looking for ideas and options, and I figure it can’t hurt to ask around.

So. Any ideas? No need to post here if you have a housing lead for me — just send me an email.

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  1. K Rains Says:

    Just picked up the book The Kindness of Strangers yesterday and randomly flipped it open to your essay. Loved it. So i bbought the book and read half of it yesterday…

    I live in Cincinnati, OH in a large house with my wife and kids, another family, a few singles and 3 dogs. We have some extra rooms if you’re interested.

    Most of the people who live in the house have travelled extensively. I took an around the world trip 10 days after 911.

    I blog at http://www.kevinrains.com

    Hope we have opporunity to meet someday!

  2. Keith Broadbent Says:

    how about a basement with bathroom in St. Louis area? actually O’Falon, Mo. I am apart of http://www.levistable.com

  3. Matt Says:

    I don’t know if NYC is the best place to settle down and focus, and it is expensive, but I’ll keep my eye out for possible leads. Gothamist, the top blog in NYC, now has a forum and you could also post your question there.

  4. Rolf Says:

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions, both here and via email. I’ll be in touch to follow up. I do welcome more suggestions, though!

  5. Jen Leo Says:

    Want company? I’m in the same boat. I liked the Alleghany mountains in eastern Maryland.


    I’d also consider Baja and Alaska. Caretakers.org is a fantastic resource and teaming up might be a good way to get one of their gigs.

    Oh yeah, and Lake Tahoe can’t be beat. 3.5 hours from SF, but with mountain inspiration and seclusion.

    I’ll go. I’m free from June until September/October.

  6. Jen Leo Says:

    Ok, now that I mentioned Tahoe, I’m going to push. Lets go.

  7. Rolf Says:

    Cheers, Jen! E me and let me know more about the Tahoe situation. And, regarding your own blog, congrats on the Google rank — I could use some pointers from you/BnA on how to get into their directory.

  8. Native Topekan Says:

    Hey now! What’s wrong with Kansas???


  9. Carl Says:

    Rolf and Jen. I’ve got an InLaw 2 studio place downstairs in the so-called Garden Apartment that might work for the both of you, near the intersection of California and Gough. Small kitchen, bathroom, gas fireplace. private entrance, but not sure the finances since this place is owned by Roy………who bought it 40 years ago, but he’s my buddy so something may be possible. It’s now vacant. And you can’t beat the location.

  10. Josh Says:

    I’ve got a friend named George who lives in a big white house in the D.C. area. I’m sure if I asked, he would let you stay there for a while. The only thing is… he’s not sure sure if he’ll be moving out later this year. I’ll run it by him and let you know what he says…

  11. Rolf Says:

    Thanks for that, Josh. I think I’ve heard of this guy George. Doesn’t he have a better place in Texas anyway? Maybe you could talk him into moving there for awhile so I could move into the DC pad. If he needs some prodding, just slip him a couple Bumper Dumpers.

  12. Jen Leo Says:

    Hi Carl,
    Thanks for the housing lead. I’ll be back in the area at the end of April for at least a week or two. We should have a beer or three.

  13. Jonny Says:

    You should check out Chattanooga. It’s a great place to spend the summer, and housing is really cheap!

  14. Matt Says:

    believe me,San Francisco is the place.I own a big house there and have friends living with me all year round .You can be one of them

  15. Rolf Says:

    Hey Matt — send me an email and tell me more details about your place in SF…