Visiting the “End of the Earth” at World Hum

In case you missed it, World Hum recently ran an intriguing Antarctica story, entitled A Brief and Awkward Tour of the End of the Earth. Written my McMurdo Station veteran Jason Anthony, the story details a journey to the Russian research station at Vostok. “Occupied since 1957,” Anthony writes, “Vostok is also the most isolated of Antarctic bases. Its few old buildings sit in the middle of the godforsaken polar plateau, near the South Geomagnetic Pole, at an elevation of 11,220 feet. It is as far away from the familiar you can go without leaving the planet.”

He adds:

No one visits Vostok. It doesn’t exist in the world traveler’s currency of guess-where-I-went. The odds that someone will find their way there to see it on their own are infinitesimal. No one will stumble onto this weathered colony or follow a guidebook to its doorstep.

For details on Anthony’s journey — which is indeed brief and awkward — click over to World Hum here.

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