Video: Travelers’ Tales Cool View with Tim Cahill

Set Tim Cahill loose in Yellowstone with a camera crew in tow, and you’ll get a little something like the following 10 minute pilot episode of Travelers’ Tales, hosted by Michael Shapiro. The two (along with praised nature photographer Tom Murphy, and some unidentified ladies) take a dip in a steaming hot pot and discuss what makes a good travel story:

“Imagine if you will a vacation at a resort, where the food is wonderful, the beach was terrific — everything was wonderful. You’d come home with no stories to tell whatsoever. Something has got to go wrong. There has to be adversity.”

To err for the sake of story is something Tim is all too familiar with, it seems, and he relives a few of those unintentionally scary moments of his traveling past on camera while traipsing through the snow packed valleys of Yellowstone.

The pilot was uploaded to Google Video in January 2006, though I couldn’t find any evidence of other episodes existing beyond this one. Anyone know if any more were filmed? Anyway, have a look:

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  1. jim Says:

    Before I die I want to go to Yellowstone in the winter.